Anime Review – エル・カザド El Cazador de la Bruja / “The Witch Hunter” – 01

OP: “Hikari no Yukue” by savage genius
ED: “romanesque” by FictionJunction YUUKA

OP Pictures:


The introduction shows us a girl stained with blood, with a dead body in front of her and talks about a scentists called Maxwell and his rejected theories of manipulating molecules (“Maxwell’s Demon”).

A robed woman puts her head down on a table looking exhausted. A waiter come up to her and tells her that she has a phone call. Later, walking on the road, she tries to hitchhike a ride, but fails. When she finally got to a town, which appears to be a Mexican town, she spots a girl that was shopping and starts to follow her. She is eventually lead to where the girl lives, and it is revealed that she leaves with an old fortune teller (to whom she calls “Grandma”).

The scenes shifts to show a mysterious man and a little girl walking into a bar, ordering a beer and a milk. Then, a man went in and went to some of the other men sitting at the tables and whispered to them about something. As they ran out, some other men ran out too (apparently, the bar was full of bounty hunters). Somewhere in town, the same girl who the robed woman was following was outside busking with card tricks. After she was finished, she put a wooden box on the table informing her audience to put some money inside. The audience, however, laughed and walked away. About to leave, she saw some coins in the box. It was the robed woman from before who put them in. She expected a thank you, but the girl didn’t really care as she couldn’t even buy bread with such a small ammount of money. The robed woman askes if her name is “Ellis” and shows her a picture, but the girl deniesthat identity, either due to memory loss or to hide her identity.

Then all of a sudden, the bounty hunters from before showed up to take Ellis’s head for bounty, but the robed woman is able to fend them off, both of them escaping with her having a small wound. The scene shifts for a little bit to show a man in a city, on the phone while throwing darts at a picture of Ellis (some of the things in the office seem to have the words “Project Leviathan”). He gets a phone call from a woman named Hayward (who wears a mysterious pendant) and tries to ask him for something, but before she could the man hangs up on her telling her he is a busy man.

The scene shifts back to the fortune teller’s house. While the robed woman is getting her fortune told, the old lady talks about Ellis. She says she’s a strange one, but she’s a good girl. Ellis apparently wants to head south in search of something, but can’t leave the old lady alone. The old lady says that she’s better off with the robed lady and that she should protect her. Outside, Ellis sees two the the bounty hunters from before looking around the house. The robed woman took Ellis on top of a building to hide, and the scene shows us two… happy men being search by the police… and their happiness making them look like they’re getting slapped in the asses… (Oh my…). Anyway, Ellis decides not to go back to the house in order to protect the old lady from getting killed. The caped woman finally introduces herself – her name is Nadi, whose also a bounty hunter and says it was very nice to meet her. However, Ellis doesn’t give a “Nice to meet you too” but instead gives a “Everyone is after me because I’m a murderer…”. Suddenly, a big explosion comes from the fortune tellers house and Ellis rushes over there with Nadi trying to follow.

Ellis finds the house demolished with one of the two bounty hunters from before standing in front, then the other coming up from behind and pointing a gun at her – telling her to do what they say if she doesn’t want to die. Then, Nadi comes up from behind the gun-pointer with a firearm of her own, telling her to do what she says if he doesn’t want to die. Being a coward, he obeys and gets kicked in the salad bar. There was a stand-off between Nadi and the remaining bounty hunter. All of a sudden, Ellis seems to have used some magical power to heat up the gun so that the bounty hunter drops it, and makes it shoot him in the eye.

Ellis comes into what was left of the house to see the old lady on the ground. The old lady was very happy to see Ellis again and says she must remember to thank God for it. She gives her a mysterious stone, telling her to let it be her guide. Her last words are Wiñay Marka, which means “Eternal Place”.

The scene shifts to the same man who was on the phone before, watching a recording of Ellis manipulating the molecules in the gun (OMGZ I FIGURED OUT HER POWER!!!!!!! it was hard :O), starts clapping, a starts to have a toast to… “Project Leviathan”.

Blah blah blah random scenes that show the mysterious man and little girl riding the bus out of town.

Ellis tells Nadi that if she followed her, she’ll die. However, Nadi says that she promised “her Grandma” that she’ll take care of “her girl that knows nothing of the world“. Some bounter hunters come (which appear to be the… happy men from before), but they escape and hijack the happy men’s car (what a happy car it must be…). And thus, the two of them met.

Ending Pictures:

Thoughts: Another installment of BeeTrain’s “Girls with Guns”. I personally haven’t watched much of Noir or Madlax, so there’s really not much to compare, so none of that here. Even though I enjoyed the first episode of this series, I have just one major gripe:

BeeTrain’s recycled plots, same animation that doesn’t break itself apart from other BeeTrain series and pacing.

Alot of BeeTrain’s anime, from what I’ve seen, involve some sort of protagonist that tries to figure him/herself out or to find out who they really are and their past. That’s just an example of how some of BeeTrain’s plots are getting recycled and getting stale. This story seems to be the same only with a different twist… And using the same color pallettes over and over again makes all their recent productions look the same (sure, in my opinion, I think it looks nice, but c’mon!), and that really doesn’t make you want to oogle at how “unique” a series’ animation is when, technically, it doesn’t have any. The pacing in this series’ first episode was okay, faster than BeeTrain’s usual slow pacing (And even though I love slow paced shows which does give alot of time and room for character developement and story developement, using it this much is overkill, and sometimes makes it as if nothing has happened).

Anyway, the character designs look a little typical for BeeTrain, but the actual characters may want you to check out this anime. Ellis’s mysterious character, despite how cliched it’s getting in BeeTrain’s case, although they handled it differently in this series which puts a little uniqueness to the character and sucks you in, making you want to find out for yourself who the heck she really is. Nadi’s character isn’t all that interesting, though judging from other people’s opinion on the next episode, her character gets a little more respectable. And the supposed supporting character don;t do much in this first episode.

The interesting plot, however, will keep me watching. This anime has a plot that interests me and its not fair to judge only by the first episode (which does establishes the plot quite nicely). And despite her overuse in BeeTrain’s recent works, Kajiura Yuki’s music still rocks.

I know I’m being a little hard on BeeTrain, but talking about overuse and cliches aside, I do love their stories and their animation (some left much to be desired…).

This series… will be blogged but not blogged that much.

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  1. I agree with you on your little BeeTrain rant, even though I love alot of their anime as well.

    As you said, the first episode of El Cazador de la Bruja established the plot pretty well, so I’m going to stick with it too.

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