Anime Review – ハヤテのごとく Hayate no Gotoku! / Hayate The Combat Butler! 02

Episode 02 ~ “A New Start with Nagi Sanzenin’s Mansion” 三千院ナギの屋敷と、新たなる旅立ち

Stupid, Un-Comprehensive Summary:

Don't EVER punch Mr. Santa Claus
“Remember… you punched me in the last episode!”

Hayate is found sleeping in the clouds as he sees Santa Claus. Santa asks if he’s done with with life. Hayate says Santa saying thatas if he is dead… Santa says he is dead. Hayate shrugs it off and says he doesn’t care because he doesn’t have any family to grieve for him and no house. A kidnapper trying to act as if he was a tragic hero? Santa says even though it was in his mind, he punched Santa in the last episode. And even though he never succeeded, what he was trying to do was criminal. Hayate starts to beg for forgiveness.

But wait?! It was only a dream. Hayate finds himself sleeping in a room in the Sanzenin mansion, thinking he’s in heaven. He thanks God Santa Claus. He presumably wanders around the mansion and takes a little hot water bath. But wait?! He finds Maria, the maid, bathing in there too! And the bath is now… stained. We must censor it out ’cause it is the limit to what the broadcast code… allows.

BUT WAIT?! That was all a dream (or maybe not…) too! Hayate (according to Maria… lol) has been sleeping all this time. After a brief conversation, Maria understands the situation Hayate has with the yakuza (“the very nice people” … 🙂 ) and Hayate and Nagi’s little… misunderstanding. Nagi offers Hayate (*blush blush*) a position as her butler (“After I tried to kidnap her?! What a nice girl” And the misunderstanding continues… and he thinks this is the first real present Santa has given him. Santa Edit: Not really…). Maria informs Klaus (the head butler) of Nagi’s choice for a new butler replacement for Himegami. Klaus asks for information on his capabilities. “A boy who can catch up to a car driving 120km an hour on a bicycle and can survive being hit by the said car.”

… “Maria… Which ***dam is that?” (Gundam… TV censors lawl)

Klaus tells her to have him leave.

However, seeing Hayate’s motivation on being a butler holds her back from kicking him out of the mansion. He sees Nagi, who he wants to show off his redone-clothes that Maria sewed to, but… seemingly Nagi is a little “cold” today.

可愛い *_*

In actuality, we see Nagi in another room, saying that she didn’t think she took the right attitude at all and that it was too mean. She then daydreams that she could sew like Maria… and makes out with Hayate (DAYDREAM, REMEMBER). Haaaaa~


Nagi asks where Hayate is. Maria says that Hayate’s working hard to gain her trust. “That’s right!” Nagi says that they have to get to know each other well first. She says she’ll get to where Hayate is. Meanwhile, it seems that Hayate has a nack for cleaning… which makes Maria not willing to kick him out of the mansion even more. While wandering around the mansion, Hayate comes across a “study”. He finds a “picture diary” [manga…] in the room, but Nagi catches him.

“Holy crap… o_O”

Apologizing to her for looking at her “picture diary” (turns out to be a doujin manga she was working on…) turned on Nagi’s “loli destruction sequence” and started to… throw stuff at Hayate and yells at him to get out (meaning the room, but…).

Hayate is outside the mansion, thinking that his future is now ruined. The yakuza very nice people have came back and taken him away. Maria sees this and tells Nagi that Hayate is really leaving. Nagi says that she doesn’t want hate him or wants him to leave. Maria shows Nagi the little debt that Hayate owes the… very nice people.

Pirate King
His dream to become Pirate King will be ruined!

As all hope seems lost… “Mask The Money” (which is really Nagi in a cheap costume) comes and saves Hayate. She says that she has a message from Nagi Sanzenin that she doesn’t want Hayate to leave, to come back and be her butler again, and says sorry for yelling at him. Hayate (who has some of the brains to see through her disguise) accepts.

BUT OH NO! The very nice people have caught Hayate again, saying that won’t happen unless he pays them back all the money he owes them. Being rich… Nagi does pay them back. LIKE OMG! Hayate says that he will pay Nagi back for the money by serving as her butler, but “Mask The Money” says that it was really just a Christmas present for Hayate. Hayate insists because… “Nagi came here to rescue me in a very cheap mask“. It doesn’t take any explanation to know that she thought the mask looked cool. Nagi gets mad, and Hayate really has to pay her back now, no discounts. The episode ends with them bickering like brother and sister.


This anime just won’t fail at being funnier and funnier. The anime references will keep me watching too. So far, the references in this episode (that I noticed) were:


One Piece

Black Lagoon

Detective Conan

I laughed so hard at the “***dam” censor and those moments where it said “the end”, yet the characters say it’s not over yet. The narrator still doesn’t cease to amaze me.

If Hayate The Combat Butler continues with its hilarity (which it will), I’ll continue on watching. Seems to be one of the better anime this season.

Na... Mask The Money
Mask teh The Money

Next Episode:

Nagi + Hayate
…Just kidding.

エッチ Fanservice to satisfy!


Next Episode


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