Seiyuu > (Automatically) Voice Actors… why?


So of all the Japanese vs. English dubbed arguments… the seiyuu vs. English VAs aruments must involve the most hardcore “weaboos” showing their ignorancy among them.

As I’ve seen, some automatically label a seiyuu BETTER than their English counterpart… some even label them better without hearing the English voice first hand, and not even knowing anything about the seiyuu they’re talking about… automatically say they’re more “professional”. All I ask is… why? Is it because they’re… Japanese? That makes them automatically “professional”? Sure, there are quite a select handful of seiyuu that really are professional, but so are a select few of English voice actors. In every “Sub vs. Dub” topic I see on web forums, those same people always post “I like to watch anime subbed better because the Japanese voice actors are more professional”.

Now, just because it’s the original voice actor, and because it’s Japanese – these people always come to the conclusion that the original seiyuu are much more professional than English voice actors. Well sorry, but I believe that’s not true. As there are a handful of professional seiyuu, there are a handful of unprofessional ones also. Now, these seiyuu, like English voice actors, work hard to gain their profession and when they eventually get a role as a character, most of them – *GASP* are not really “OMFG AMAZING” material at all on their first try, despite them being somewhere near decent. English voice actors go through the same thing, and eventually (with hard work) become good at their profession, just like seiyuu. Yet despite this truth from the heart, these types of people love these newbie seiyuu more than newbie English voice actors. There is one factor that everyone must understand when comparing two voice talent (which are foreign to the other and vise-versa) – understanding. It’s very hard to comprehend the emotion of something that’s conveyed in a language you don’t understand, in this case – Japanese. With the different uses of onomatopoeia and different stereotypical tones and accents for characters that match the description, it’s really hard to just get it compared to languages you’re already used to. So, to the anime fans that know diddly-squat about Japanese, please be open-minded while comparing a Japanese seiyuu to their English equivalent. Because common sense tells us that you can’t easily decide if a seiyuu is professional or not (unless by popular belief, or if she’s Aya Hirano). You may like them better, but no conclusion of who’s more professional will ever be accurately portrayed through your mind. And hopefully, we all know that the voice actors over here, that dub and help us understand what our favorite characters are saying much more clearer, take voice acting just as seriously as the seiyuu over at Japan.

And, to the anime fans that just frikken hate English voice actors… Sorry that they’re speaking in your native language, really.

Even otaku have to show some decency…

5 thoughts on “Seiyuu > (Automatically) Voice Actors… why?”

  1. I like both dubbed and subbed. I like alot of ADV’s english voice actors, I believe they’re good. However, I prefer the japanese voices, I figure since it’s a japanese cartoon to go with the japanese voices. But I like both.

  2. My problem is that some of them can’t act their way out of paper bags. This was worse in the early 1990’s, and while the situation’s improved… well, given a choice between Japanese VA’s who can somewhat act (and sing) versus English VA’s who sometimes overact or can’t act OR sing… I’ll go with the Japanese, on top of the whole ‘wanting it in context’ bit. Sometimes, they’ll drop a joke or reference from the translation if they think the English audience ‘won’t get it’, or else make it so that it’s different from the original… which, if you’re hard-core enough as an anime fan, you’ll probably get.

  3. I don’t know about others, but the main reason I dislike dubs is because I hate the american accent. It just doesn’t fit, in my opinion and it only makes every character incredibly annoying.

  4. Well, everyone always has some sort of different opinion on it. All that matters is that everyone should be open-minded.

  5. lol posted in the old Blog. over the years watching Japanese media. i start to pick out the bad actors from the good ones, the unfitting voices and horrible tone deaf singing. *coughYukiGotocough*

    Air Gear for example, Kenta is a terrible VA, first role or not. the guy should stick to the live-stage. i was cringing about his voice and acting for 21 episodes…and the show is 25 episodes! that is too long to be that bad.

    if you are going to watch Air Gear, do so in English, the voices fit and the acting is good, the script is a riot. only voice people complain/compliment (BOTH languages) is Akira/Agito. in both languages they take some getting use to, even though they fit the characters personalties.

    i was surprised to hear how deep voiced and unfitting half the cast for Japanese Naruto is. i like Naruto himself, but the others i give selective hearing.

    i can watch anime in ANY language and pick out the bad and good in each. i decided a long time ago not to be a Weeaboo / Otaku. it was basically seeing how people act- that just distanced me away from it for years! i am so proud of myself about it lol . it doesnt mean i am not enjoying the show.

    there are English VAs (American/Canadian) who have more under their belt than most Japanese VA’s. people dont get that half the VAs hired have been acting/singing since the 70’s. have done recent works in American/Canadian animation so they know how to act. i have seen the increasing blind praise for bad Japanese’s VAs, and i am no longer surprised…annoyed, but not surprised.

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