.hack//G.U.+ (may contain spoilers…)


Title: .hack//GU+
Author: Morita Yuzuhana
Artist: Hamazaki Tatsuya
Serialized in: .hack//The World
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten

Grade: B-


The story basically follows a redone version of the .hack//G.U. storyline. Taking place within a virtual MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ) called “The World (II) ” – a black Multi-Weapon (Adept Rogue in the English games and manga) named Haseo, also known as a very strong PKK (Player Killer Killer) “The Terror of Death”, is in search of a legendary PK (Player Killer) known as Tri-Edge, to find out what had happened to his friend Shino and why it happened. Getting a Flash Mail from an old friend, Ovan, telling him to go to the Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. Haseo runs into “Tri-Edge” (or, at least, a zombie-like player with a zombie-like version of Kite’s avatar) and after a short struggle, Tri-Edge had Data-Drained him back to level 1, however, this will envoke a power that slept deep within him. The rest of the manga basically retells and details Haseo’s search for Tri-Edge and his meetings with a mysterious group known as “G.U.”.

Is that... Kite? No it's not...


An okay adaption of the .hack//G.U. games, although some of the plotholes with the other games in the .hack universe is really a turn-off, even though this manga is uncannon to the .hack timeline. The art style in this manga is really nice. In my opinion, the art style makes Atoli look 10x cuter than she does in the game! ^^ But of course, the art style doesn’t really stray far off from the games.

Seems that this manga has a few inconsistencies as well as the plotholes mentioned above… “Flash Mail” is called “Short Mail” and I think they spelled one location wrong in this manga. So overall, if you don’t have a PS2 and aren’t able to play the G.U. games, get your hands on this. If you have a PS2, it’s way better to see it through the source material as well as getting some decent MMO gameplay.

2 thoughts on “.hack//G.U.+ (may contain spoilers…)”

  1. …Um, you are aware that the manga came out six months before the games in Japan, right? The plot-holes were intentional to prevent spoilers and the fact that the game was still incomplete. And mistranslations are common, in AI Buster 2, they spelled Macha ‘Maha’. I know what location you’re referring to, it’s Lumina Cloth or ‘Cross’ in the manga. The likely katakana word they probably used was probably ‘Kurosu’ whitch could be ‘Cross’ or ‘Cloth’ depending on the translator.

  2. @KirikoAsakura: Yeah, I sort of found out about that some time after this post… Totally makes sense, I guess.
    After taking some more professional Japanese lessons, I’m a lot less scornful of the misspelling.

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