Got around to watching Seto no Hanayome and reading the manga, and I have to say it’s one of the most funniest anime/manga love comedies of all time.


OP: Romantic Summer – SUN & LUNAR
ED: Asu he no Hikari 明日への光 – Hinoi Asuka

A middle-school boy named Nagasumi Michishio and his two parents are on vacation at his grandma’s house, when all of a sudden he nearly drowns in the Seto Inland Sea. Fortunately for him, a mermaid named San Seto saves him. According to the rules of the Mermen, whenever a human discovers a mermaid’s true identity, the said mermaid has to die, the human has to be killed… or the solution that Nagasumi and San choose; Nagasumi assimilating with mermen society and getting married to San. Nagasumi must adapt to the new lifestyle he has to live in, as well as avoiding getting killed by his father-in-law, Gōzaburō, the big boss in of a mermaid yakuza.




Suprisingly funny, I have to say this is one of the good anime (not like some other wierd, horribly confusing, and disturbing series this season… Yes, I realize it’s airing backwards) this spring. Even though the comedy is sometimes chucked into your face, I really feel that this brings a smile to anyone who watches it. San is honestly one of the cutest mermaids I’ve ever seen, Nagasumi is one lucky bastard! And by lucky bastard, I mean “guy that should not be [literally] touching his wife if he wants to keep his balls intact”.


Mangaka: Tahiko Kimura
Serialized in: GanGan Wing
Publisher: Square-Enix
Grade: B+

Same as above.

In my opinion, it’s equally appealing as the anime. Though, I have to say I like the anime a little better because of how much livelier and more colorful it is than the manga (we also get to hear San’s super cute voice (:). Because the anime isn’t a cruddy adaption of the manga, there’s no reason not to like it better than the manga, right?

Aside from that, all my opinions on the manga is the same as the anime, no? Well, we get beautiful, fluffy art in the manga, so…

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