Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~ ep. 01 – “Are You a Lovedol?”

Singing, singing, and more singing…

Summary and thoughts:

So I came across this two days ago and thought I’d give it a try. I thought an anime about a bunch of girls trying to become pop-idols was a very unique concept, but it turns out that (according to what I’ve seen in the first episode) this series is amazingly… boring and weak. Everyone looked like they came out of Shuffle! (which is all around better than this).

First episode = incredibly slow-paced. *yawn*

What this series is basically about a popular group of idol singers called the “Lovedols” (a conjuction of “Lovely” and “Idol”). At the beginning we see the first and second “generation” of Lovedols performing in a concert of some sort. The singing was cute and all, but it got really tedious after the second minute or so. And it lasted almost 10 MINUTES. Their voices are a little *too* overly “kawaii”. It’s annoying. I could only take kawaii singing for so long. :<

This group’s manager is Tomohiro Fujisawa. Right before the “third generation”‘s debut, the president of the company deems them “not ready” and delays it. Notice how the new Lovedols are slightly more different looking compared to what they look like in the opening?

Opening = Chibi and pretty cute.
Episode= Fanservice goodness. Needs MOAR. And artwork that’s a little similar to Shuffle!.

It was like an artwork jump within 2 minutes…

The rest of the episode revolves around the new lovedols practicing to… WTF IS THIS?!

I may be exaggerating and taking it out of context, but I’m still traumatized by the lustful Guze no Tomogara twins in Shakugan no Shana. Once you’ve seen THAT much incest, you’ve honestly had enough with it. lolz My favorite series traumatized me…

Anyways blah blah blah. Tomohiro tries to find a way to get the third generaton of Lovedols to get accepted, when he comes across a girl with l337 sing skillz.

YAY! A singing voice that’s not overly “kawaii”. ^____^ Or so I think… According to her, she “sings for revenge”. “Revenge”? Stereotypical emo-Sasuke-ish, much? I mean, she’s all happy in the opening and ending! Unless she gets a drastic character change as the series progresses…

Yeesh. From what I’ve seen from the first episode, this series seems horribly boring and has un-tapped potential (decent singers… boring anime). Unless that changes, I won’t be continuing with this.

Here, we have shots of the characters’ butts. Because, admit it, you guys could care less about their other qualities.

OP: “Koi, Hajime Mashita” by Sakura Nogawa
ED: “LoveLoveLove no Sei na no yo!” by Sakura Nogawa/Mai Nakahara/Haruko Momoi/Yuko Goto/Minori Chihara/Kanako Sakai

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