Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ep. 01 “Pierce the Heavens with Your Drill!”

Didn’t plan to watch it at first, but then I noticed that my watchlist was lacking some major mecha action. So I thought I’d try out Gurren Lagann.

In the distant future, the humans on Earth live underground in civilizations. With fear of the walls caving in on them, “diggers” are used to expand the villages deeper and deeper into the ground. In Jiiha villages, lives a 14-year-old digger named Simon, who, on an excavation, comes across a small drill which shined a mysterious glow. Even though respected by the village elder as being one of the best diggers for a boy at his age, he is shunned by some of the other villagers. An example of this is a trio of girls who taunted him of being “gross” and “dirty”. Kamina, declaring himself Simon’s “aniki” and enrolls him in his group “The Gurren Brigade”, tells him to pay them no heed. Kamina believes there is a world beyond the surface, what he and his father have seen before, and tries to bash through the ceiling using Simon’s drill. Caught by the elder, Kamina is jailed.

After the failed attempt at escaping the underground city, Simon continues his secret exavations only to find a mysterious metal head, to which his small drill reacts upon. He comes for Kamina, wanting to show him what he found, only to once again be caught by the village elder.

However, a huge earthquake deteriorates the village’s ceiling and a enormous robot falls in. A fourteen year old girl (hard to belive), who at the end of the episode introduces herself as Yoko, with a large rifle suddenly appears and fights the giant robot. Simon then takes Yoko and Kamina to the big metal face he discovered and finds that the mysterious small drill he found at the beginning of the episode can be used to pilot the mecha. With words of encouragement from Kamina, Simon destroys the giant mecha. The outcome of the battle has brought Simon and Kamina to the outside world, where they soon find more dangers ahead… And Simon lands on Yoko’s boobies.


O. M. G.â„¢

Very funny and empowering…

Kamina’s words are empowering. (: The prologue was confusing at first.. but then I found out that it was possibly Simon in the future that was in the prologue. Seems to be like a really big change in character, right? I must watch more to see how this timid, little boy becomes… a man!

Yaaa~ Too tight...

Hard to believe she’s actually 14 years old, huh?

Sort of ironic how a 14-year-old could be drawn to look like she’s completely legal, yet a certain set of 17-year-olds look the complete opposite…

… I dunno about you, but I laughed at this…

Black order fansub

Must. Get. Mind. Out. Gutter.

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