Stupidity of the internet is getting to me.

... no wai

No duh.

So, I was sitting in the streets one day, calmly reading a Cardcaptor Sakura manga in peace. That is, until a boy, slightly older than me, I guess, came up to me and asked, “Hey, are you reading that Japanese cartoon porn? Don’t try to lie ’cause I’ve seen that on the internet once.

Now, instead of mocking him and rubbing his stupidity in his face like I would normally do to people, I just laughed hysterically on the ground and just let him figure out his stupidity on his own. Honestly, I really can’t change others’ IQ levels just like that, so I stopped trying a long time ago. But shouldn’t it be common knowlege that…


I’m now honestly pass the borderline of believing that if I gave a person some, for example, Pokemon hentai and directly say that it came from the internet, they would still probably believe that the “original Pokemon in Japan” is a hentai for adults. Actually, I have a real example of that right on these forums, where months ago, a person searched up “Pokemon porn” (yes, really) on Photobucket (don’t try perverts, it’s deleted now :/) and saw an animated picture, not even close to the style of the damn show, and thought it was from a “forbidden sex episode” from the anime. Stupidity at its fineness.

I can understand the ignorancy of people thinking that “anime = hentai”, but thinking that “anime = hentai” through a visual example on the internet? LOL! Honestly, if you’re going be curious and want to know why people like this thing called “anime”, keep your search preferences on Google filtered, please.

How stupid are people in America… no, people in general (but it seems more apparent in America), are becoming these days? Quite a bit, no?

4 thoughts on “Stupidity of the internet is getting to me.”

  1. It’s not just from the internet. I remember years ago (before there were even DVDs) when I told my friend I was going to rent an anime tape from Tower Records, he asked me why I was watching porn.

  2. Yeah. But I think it’s kind of stupid how it does happen on the internet. You’d expect them not believe everything they read and see on the net during Google search and whatnot. The non-sensible people see hentai = automatically believes it’s the real thing.

    Hmm… I thankfully never had any friends that thought I rent anime porn. lol 😛 Of course, it happens to me in real life too (from strangers or people I don’t really hang out with) like the example in the post, but then he said he saw it from the internet which made me want to go in rant-mode (and laugh… heh).

  3. In Soviet Russia, Rule 34 shows normal scenes out of pornography. 😛 I love those memes.

    It’s fun though, around here, many people do suspect me to watch hentai while I very honestly quite dislike it a lot. Yet, they haven’t mistaken any known series for a hentai series yet… But, even worse, they can’t distinguish between anime and manga. They see me sitting in front of my computer watching anime, and say “Huh, watching those manga again??”… you can imagine what they say when I’m reading manga. Pfft ¬_¬

  4. @natsuneko: Haha, I came across the same. Only it was the other way around…

    “Are those anime books you’re reading?!”

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