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VHS/DVDs – Hopefully the most prominent source to get anime for most of us. Hey – it’s legal, therefore it’s justice, and justice is win (most of the time…). ALL HAIL JUSTICE. Anyway, it would be my main source for getting anime if I wasn’t so poor. However, I buy and rent some of my favorite licensed series from time to time, showing that I’m not cheap, I just don’t have the money.

Torrents – Can’t go wrong with this, probably the source for getting alot of the new, unlicensed series for all to enjoy. But my biggest gripe about this is that there are SO MANY DAMN LEECHERS and people who stop seeding the torrent in seconds after they finished downloading, which in the end makes the download much slower than expected. Esspecially for older, hard-to-find series untouched by licensing companies, where the file seems to have been abandoned by seeders. You could request for a reseed, but god knows how many people still have the file and if the torrent hosts are still alive…

IRC XDCC Bots / fserves – I prefer this method of getting media files over torrenting files any day. In the end, the speed of downloading through XDCC Bots is faster than using torrent files, due to most of them being hosted on high-bandwidth connections. fserves… sort of annoying that I have to rush through on choosing a file in order to not get kicked for inactivity, but I guess it’s a good way to get rid of campers.

YouTube – Ugh… YouTube should ALWAYS be used as a last resort of watching anime, or used as a first impression to know if an anime’s good or not. The compression that the videos have would make fansubs hard to read (which I know many of you who are not fluent in Japanese would use). Err… I guess my bitterness against people who mainly use YouTube to watch their anime, when their computers can take using IRC and BitTorrent, comes from the fact that I’ve seen many people going around like “im kewl cuz i can watch the japnese naruto from youtube”. Big accomplishment, losers.

Direct download – only had to use them several times in my lifelife. And most of them were pretty good quality too. It all depends on the quality and size of the video… Always go for the direct downloads with .avi and .mkv files… alot of it (from what I’ve come across) is the exact same quality you would get from fansubbing sites.

Other – “Other”s that I know of are offical video streaming sites and bootlegs. The use one, not the other.

Offical streams = good.
Bootlegs = Bad ~You are a pirate!

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  1. I’ve got two major sources, bittorrent an Share. The good thing about these two sources is that when a new release comes out, you just know that they can be obtainable via these two programs. Irc is very handy, but some fansub groups and most raw groups just don’t have any bots, and looking for alternatives can become a hassle, same with direct download sites.

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