Kamen Rider Den-O (仮面ライダー電王) ep. 01


Got the time to watch the new Kamen Rider series. Haven’t had the time for much Toku lately… ^^;

Toki no ressha… Denrainaa. Tsugi no eki wa… kako ka… mirai ka…

The train of time… DenLiner. What will the next stop be… the past.. or the future?

Ryotaro Nogami is a very unlucky 18-year-old boy. An example of his unluckiness is at the beginning of the episode, which shows him stuck on top of a tree on his bike. After being beat up and had his wallet stolen by a bunch of thugs, he discovers the Rider Pass. After being accused of stealing a key holder from the leader of the thugs (Tetsuo), an Imagin (a creature that’s come from the future and came back to the past in order to change the future) takes control of him and starts beating up the thugs. Ryotaro, however, turns out to be a “Tokuiten” (a being that can overtake the Imagin inside of him) and keeps it from killing the thugs. After he transformed into Kamen Rider Den-O to destroy the Imagin that controlled Tetsuo, Hana (a former Tokuiten and the first passenger of the DenLiner to meet Ryotaro) takes him on the DenLiner for his help to maintain the future. However, the Imagin that his Rider form “destroyed” is still… alive.

… A pretty funny Kamen Rider series, alright. I find it interesting that in this Kamen Rider series, the Imagin is the one fighting in Rider form (not including “Plat form”) and not the rider himself, like in most of the previous Kamen Rider I’ve seen. I have to say I liked last year’s Kamen Rider, Kabuto, better for some reason… maybe because of the “Raidaa Kikku”? 😛 I also like the suit designs better… but that’s just me.

OP: クライマックスジャンプ Climax Jump

Moar Kamen Rider plz. lawl

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  1. I also really enjoyed Kabuto as well. But as the show progresses I’m starting to appreciate Den-O as well.

  2. lol this looks so much cooler than power rangers though I gotta admit I was really into power rangers when I was a kid.

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