Ore no Negai~ My Birthday Desires ^^

Here’s a list of some of the things I might get for my birthday (which is tommorrow). I get free-use of $100 (maybe more…), so I’ll be able to get most of these… ^^;; Of course, there isn’t much anime stuff… more manga/light novels and video games than anything else. ^^;;

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Let me heal the suffering in your heart~ こばと。 Kobato


Title: Kabuto こばと。
Artist Group: CLAMP
Serialized in: Newtype
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten 株式会社角川書店
Rating: B

Hanato Kobato is a very happy and perky girl, who aims to fill a mysterious bottle in order to grant her wish. Aiding her in this task is a grump plush-like dog named Ioryogi. Now she has to heal the suffering hearts of people in order to fill the bottle. However, she has to make sure that she does not fall in love with the person she’s healing.

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Hidamari Sketch

Title: Hidamari Sketch
Based On: Hidamari Sketch (4-koma)
Production: Shaft

Hidamari Sketch is quite the charming show if I do say so myself. If you’re into slice-of-life anime/manga like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star, you definately should check this out. The story is about the daily life of Yuno, who dreams to be a great artist, and her friends (Miyako, Hiro and Sae) who live in the Hidamari Apartments. The characters are pretty likeable, my favorite has to be Miyako because of her childish personality, with Yuno coming in second because of her being a pretty cute protagonist. ^^

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The Video Game of Haruhi Suzumiya

Right from Kotaku! This blogger also has it up too, before me.

Yup. A new The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya PSP game is set to be released on July 10th (9 days after my birthday!) by Bandai Namco (coincidence that Bandai was the one that licensed it in the US, hm? 😉 Maybe this game will see the light of day in the US after all).

All I have to say is… why PSP? I was hoping for more of a Haruhi DS game, since I feel they could do alot with the DS’s features. I’m not too fond of the PSP either (note: I’m NOT a Nintendo fanboy). Oh well.

Reflections – Rurouni Kenshin

Title: Rurouni Kenshin
Based on: Rurouni Kenshin (manga)
Production: Studio Gallop, Studio Deen (episode 66+), Aniplex

Japan 1867… the Tokugawa Dynasty stands upon failing lengths. An invincible samurai, Kenshin Himura, walks upon a path of death and destruction ushering in a new regime. Hated and feared by many, he is known as “Hitokiri Battōsai”, the man-slayer (hitokiri = man-slayer). Repenting for his deeds in the revolution, he has taken an oath: to protect the innocent and to never kill again. Although he now lives a life of a rōnin, old memories seldom fade and return to haunt him but… bad habits die hard.

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Stuck on Shakugan no Shana DS game

Okay, I’m playing the Shana DS game right now and I’m obviously stuck if the title didn’t already give it away. When I started the game it seemed to take on the effect of a visual novel. I have very limited Japanese skills so I don’t know what the heck is going on and what to do on that little spinning thing.

… Aside from that pain, the biggest pain is listening to the screechy BGM due to it being too sexy for my youknowwhatonthecomputer… (you know what I’m talking about). Actually, it’s the first RO… youknowwhat I ever got to play and work on it. Oh joy? *clap* I think I shouldn’t even bother anymore… I’d be absolutely thankful if someone were to make a fansub of the game like the mass amount of untranslated visual novels since the game doesn’t seem to be coming to the US anytime soon. That’d be dandy. ^^; … But I guess webservers can’t take it due to the supposed battle system in the game. ): Come to the US soon please! Or at least give me some light on what to do on that spinny thing. >_>;

Um, if someone were kind enough and actually played the game (or not), could someone tell me what’s it about and if it’s based on the light novels or has a story of its own? Because that was certainly never made clear to me!

I managed to take a few sexy screenshots though…

Seems to be such a nice game if only I understood most of it!

Edit: Nevermind. Found out that the game doesn’t follow the light novel’s story.

Best. Lucky Star OP Rendition. Evar.

aimai 3(sann) senchi sorya punittekotokai? chotsu!
rappingu ga seifuku daxaxa furitte kotanai pu
ganbaccha yacchaccha
sontokya-cchi & Release gyotsu
ase (Fuu) ase (Fuu) no tanima ni Darlin’ darlin’ F R E E Z E!!

nankadaru- nankaderu-
aishiteru- are ikko ga chigatterunru-
nayaminbou- koutetsubou-
oishinbo- i-kagen ni shinasai

tondetta aitu no hoteru karada tte
iwayuru futu- no onyanoko
odoroita atashidake? tonkotsu harigane okawari dadada

BON-BON o-endann
Le’s get! cheri- pai
RAN-RAN kange-kai
Look up! sense-shonn
hai! sonzaikan..shouwakusei
butukatte tokemashita bo-zenn
ooini utatte shirenzya-

saigoni waracchaunoha atashinohazu
se-ra-fukudakaradesu keturonn
getuyoubi nanoni!
kigenn waruino dousuruyo?
natufukuga iinodesu kya? wa! ii

sekkinn 3 pikuto surumade tte chu-choda yann
ganbatte harikitte My Darlin’ darlin’ P L E A S E !!

moriagari- morisagari-
koishitari- mada naishoni shitoite rinri-
amaenbo- youzinnbo-
tuushinbo- cho-shikoite gyokusai

fundetta aitsu ni koyubi itai tte
oogesa chira-ri kuro ni-hai
zettaizyann ryouikizyann? namaashi tsurupika onedari dadada

MON-MON mo-soudenn
Let’s go! paru shindenn
YAI-YAI so-rann bushi
Whay’s up? tenpute-shonn
oi! soushitukann arubaito
sagashitara mitukatte to-zenn
zinsei marutto kenenn na-shi

shinnki ni neracchaunoha atashi no chousenn
se-ra-fuku kigaetemo atashi
shuumatsu ha douyo?
chiramise nante arikitari!
seifuku ha kantayo rakuchinn

fuusoku 3 me-toru dakituite gamanda gyu
munedokkinn koshizukkin I’m Sugar sugar S W E E T!!

Let’s get! Uh Uh Ah!
RAN-RAN chop chop kick
Look up! Fu Fu Ho!
Hi! ! Education!! Love is ABC
unndakada- unndakada- unya unya
harette horette hirennra-

saigo ni waracchau noha atashi no hazu
se-ra-fuku dakara desu ketsuron
getuyoubi nanoni!
kigen waruino dousuruyo?
natsufuku ga iinodesu kya? wa! ii

yappari ne
saigoni waracchau noha atashi no hazu
se-ra-fuku dakara desu ketsuronn

aimai 3(sann) senchi sorya puni tte kotokai? wao!
rappingu ga seifuku yoosi furitte kotanai po
ganbaccha yacchaccha
anntokya-ppu & zya-zi de hatsu
ase ase suketara Darlin’ darlin’ A M U S E!!

This one’s for North Carolina! C’mon and raise up
Take your shirt off, and twist is ’round yo head
Spin it like a helicopter!


A new Tsubasa OVA animated by Producting IG (the company that animated the movie and xxxHoliC. Yay!) has been officially annouced. It will be about 3 episodes, with each episode included with each new manga volume starting 11/21/07.

1) The Magician’s Message
1st DVD w/ TRC volume 21 regular edition – out Nov 21, 2007, 3360 yen
(includes a storage case for all 3 with a new illustration)

2) The Boy’s Right Eye
2nd DVD w/ TRC volume 22 regular edition – out Jan 17, 2008, 2980 yen

3) The Dream the Princess Saw
3rd DVD w/ TRC volume 23 regular edition – out Mar 17, 2008, 2980 yen

We get to see the Acid Tokyo arc done properly (finally, we get to see the Real!Syaoran and our Syaoran’s psychopathic clone nature in action, animated!), probably with all the blood intact. I’m kind of worried about the character designs though, since I wasn’t very happy with the (sort of) distracting character designs in the movie. I hear they say the art is going to differ from the manga too… not giving me a good feeling.

On the bright side, I’m also confident about the animation since they’re no longer confined to NHK’s broadcast standards. ^^;

Reflections – Tsubasa Chronicle

Title: Tsubasa Chronicle
Adapted from: Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- (Manga)
Production: BeeTrain, Production IG (movie)
Broadcaster: NHK

The story is a crossover using lots of characters from past series made by CLAMP.

Syaoran, a boy who wants to become an archeologist, and Sakura, a princess from the Clow Kingdom, are childhood friends with a close relationship. On a fateful night, Sakura lost all her memories as a result of a conspiracy to obtain her powers. In order to regain her memory, Syaoran seeks help from the witch, Yuuko. Yuuko tells Syaoran that he has to travel from one alternate reality to another to collect fragments of Sakura’s memory. However, even if Sakura regains her memory, she will have no recollection of Syaoran. Travelling together with them is Kurogane, a warrior who was exiled from his country, and Fye, a magician who wants to escape from his King. With the help of a magical creature, Mokona, they set off on an exciting journey through time and space.

As a CLAMP fan, I quite enjoyed Tsubasa, yes. Or at least, the manga… the anime, however, left much to be desired. (;

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Kodomo no Jikan preview (image somewhat NWFS)

Daisuke Aoki is a grade school teacher employed at Futatsubashi Elementary School and is in charge of a third garde class. However, he is the object of affection of one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, going as far as claiming herself his girlfriend. Watch as he tries to avoid her sudden advances in order for him not to lose his job.

The description seems questionable, no? No fear, as Daisuke has a normal head and does not reciprocate Rin’s feelings, so no loli-sex here. The anime, set to air some time this July, will most likely not be licensed as the manga was cancelled for release for “objectionable content”.

I, however, found the manga to be pretty hilarious and look forward to watching the anime. Just an innocent childhood crush gone too far, and I can’t help but put a smile on my face seeing the look on the teacher’s face trying to avoid a third-grader’s [early] raging hormones.

In redemption to one of my recent anime reviews~

Irony of irony… ninja mecha of ninja mecha…

A few days after I had been on Sky Girls (OVA)’s case about not having a continuation, I find Moetron’s recent post about premieres of shows that are set ot air this fall. And guess what? “Sky Girls (TV)” is on that list… Funny how it turns out – I review a 2006 one-episode anime OVA, wishing it would have a continuation to patch things up, and a couple of days later: BOOM! It happens. I must be reality’s Haruhi or something…

On an unrelated note, I look forward to watching Nanatsuiro★Drops, Doujin Work, Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~, and Potemayo this summer. \ /^_^\ /

My thoughts on psuedo-anime

A panel from VG Cats‘s “Golden Locks” comic sums it up:

Now, I know all of us are aware of the American shows known as “wannabe anime”. However, I feel that the term “wannabe anime” is a slightly negative term to call these pieces of animation, considering there are very good ones like Avatar and Megas XLR (to an extent).

However, I feel that America is overusing some Japanese drawing clichés for more than enough of their programs that actually have an ongoing plot. Esspecially with Teen Titans, with their overused anime expressions and tofu – which I found very distracting. As if I didn’t resent it enough with their sugarcoating of Death Stroke (a.k.a. “Slade”) and the lack of the superheroes’ identities (lol Robin sleeps with spandex on). Is it that hard to have a good American show with an ongoing plot that doesn’t rip off the Japanese drawing style? I’d like to see some more American shows like that with Justice League-type animation, not rushed animation that looks like it was done by a couple of grade schoolers (50% of the episode being a rip-off of Scooby-Doo‘s chase-sequences with a truckload of chibi).

It’s either that, or have more shows like the early Spongebob and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, or the classics such as Looney Tunes. I’ve honestly had enough of the American knock-offs of Mahou Shoujo.

Seriously, I wished these animators would take the time to develope some good animation instead taking the fast way out and creating a f*ckload of chibi. *cough* Teen Titans *cough* I really don’t watch a majority of American cartoons anymore because:

1) I currently lack cable
2) The show is very bad
3) The show is very bad and rips off some drawing clichés in anime

Also, watch Curious George. It’s full of win. No, I’m serious. lol