Sky Girls OVA

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Lots of potential for some l337 mecha shoujo action (and UHHH… loli fanservice?)… not enough for one little OVA episode.

Story Overview:

The background story is as generic and clichéd as it gets. In the year 2079, cyborgs called the WORM appeared and began wiping out the humans on Earth. 2 years later, one-third of the human popluation had been killed off by the WORM. This resulted with the survivors forming the United Human Army. Then, in 2083, they resorted to using weapons of mass destruction for they were unable to make the situation any better… finally, they had destroyed all the WORM on the planet. However, most of the land that existed on Earth broke apart and the South Pole melted over, causing most of the Earth to be covered in water. In addition, the war had decreased 90% of the human males on the planet (in the military)… 3 years have passed, and the WORM that were thought to be destroyed forever have returned…

Being an OVA with only one episode with no continuation killed any little depth and devolopement of the “plot” it would’ve got, other than that horribly un-detailed backstory. I have to say that itt had a good enough premise that would make me want to see a sequel, or a TV series continuation. Though, some people say that this OVA was made up of nothing but pure loli-fanservice – I disagree with that belief. Or at least, I disagree that most of it was actually intentional. :/ The characters were just victims of how they were drawn, just as any other decent anime that seems to cater to the pedophiles. I mean, the main female mecha pilots seem to be old enough to be in this huge military-like organization.

The animation was great (being an OVA series, I expect the animation to be somewhere close to quality work) and I found the character designs and artwork to be fairly nice. The mecha action was actually far from horrible, it actually got my blood pumping. The mecha could use an improvement on the designs though, as in covering more of the pilots’ bodies instead of showing off the questionable parts for the audience’s viewing pleasure. >< I can only take so much. 😡

As far as characters go, I’d say I liked Eika the most out of the three main mecha pilots. It’s either the serious personality or the long, black hair that won me over. ;/ Tachibana didn’t really appeal to me as a character overall… perverted mechanic. Ew. Stay away from Otoha’s [slightly flat] chest! >_< Speaking of Otoha, when I looked at her I got an image of Henrietta from Gunslinger Girls in my head… eh, Sky Girls, Gunslinger Girls… Go figure.

The BGM really didn’t impress me or stood out very much to me, aside from the opening and ending which I loved.

Overall, if I were to give a grade to this OVA series, I would give it a… B+ for the good animation, really. For the “plot”, I would have to give it an F. Good premise or not, the “plot” wasn’t anything intriguing and left out some unanswered questions, such as:

1) What is Otoha’s “mysterious” attribute and seemingly psychic connection with (ew…) Tachibana?
2) I don’t think the actual mission of the Koryu was ever touched upon and how important it was.
3) Why the WORM want to eliminate the humans and where did they actually come from…? Hello, we just coincidentally came to your planet… we’re gonna kill you! ^_^ Since there isn’t really an explanation for this, I’ll just mark it up there in the old cliché chart: Came. Out. Of. Nowhere.
4) What delicious dinner did Hayami come up with? lol

Boring backstory, throws some good premise, and then doesn’t even continue. NOT GOOD. It’s like those anime blogs that make 4 or 5 of their first posts – looks good, makes you think that it’s going to obtain good readership since it’s a good read. But the blog gets abandoned a day after. Sad.

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