My thoughts on psuedo-anime

A panel from VG Cats‘s “Golden Locks” comic sums it up:

Now, I know all of us are aware of the American shows known as “wannabe anime”. However, I feel that the term “wannabe anime” is a slightly negative term to call these pieces of animation, considering there are very good ones like Avatar and Megas XLR (to an extent).

However, I feel that America is overusing some Japanese drawing clichés for more than enough of their programs that actually have an ongoing plot. Esspecially with Teen Titans, with their overused anime expressions and tofu – which I found very distracting. As if I didn’t resent it enough with their sugarcoating of Death Stroke (a.k.a. “Slade”) and the lack of the superheroes’ identities (lol Robin sleeps with spandex on). Is it that hard to have a good American show with an ongoing plot that doesn’t rip off the Japanese drawing style? I’d like to see some more American shows like that with Justice League-type animation, not rushed animation that looks like it was done by a couple of grade schoolers (50% of the episode being a rip-off of Scooby-Doo‘s chase-sequences with a truckload of chibi).

It’s either that, or have more shows like the early Spongebob and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, or the classics such as Looney Tunes. I’ve honestly had enough of the American knock-offs of Mahou Shoujo.

Seriously, I wished these animators would take the time to develope some good animation instead taking the fast way out and creating a f*ckload of chibi. *cough* Teen Titans *cough* I really don’t watch a majority of American cartoons anymore because:

1) I currently lack cable
2) The show is very bad
3) The show is very bad and rips off some drawing clichés in anime

Also, watch Curious George. It’s full of win. No, I’m serious. lol

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