Lucky Star 10 – Aspiration

The show has gotten much funnier than when it first started.

I think slowly, but surely I’m becoming a Tsukasa fanboy. At first it was all about Konata and Kagami, but Tsukasa’s been growing on me. Pretty fast… Miyuki doesn’t get much love yet unfortunately.

The scenes where Tsukasa was playing with her cell phone’s text messaging made me absolutely giddy. Haven’t you ever felt the same whenever you learned something new? Like you want to try it again and again and again and again and again? Same thing happened to me in real life… when I first touched a cellphone, I was already familiar with calling people on homephones. But I didn’t bother calling anyone on the cellhone, I was busy playing with the built-in camera. lol

I’m also curious as to the messages in Kagami’s phone. Hmmmmmm…

the Konata pr0n that i sent her *KagamiXKonataish*

Us otaku would give anything to have a room like Konata’s desu. I mean just look at it onegai, it’s half the size of a hobby store sugoi! That’s saying alot desu. Figurines, doujinshi, Haruhi poster and Mikuru Waitress PVC ftw!

Did anyone get the feeling that aside from making a fun show, it’s also KyoAni’s free ticket to self-plugins after episode 5? Oh really? Then it’s just me then.

I’d give anything for the ability to own at Marvel vs. Capcom while having the awesome “OMFG SLITS FOR EYES” mode on.

Of course, people like Kagami wouldn’t be impressed. Pssh.

“If you could read this you have lost.”

I bet Konata’s absolutely l337 in chatrooms.

Konata’s dad is awesome. He stays at home, watches anime, plays dating sims and life games, and is a l337 photographer. On top of that, he made a Fate/Stay Night reference! He’s a dad all of us otaku could dream about having.

But, in the end, he actually just fucking scares me. What? That there is a description that just screams crazylolipedo.

I’m suprised Kagami and Tsukasa managed through the night. =/

If I were Tsukasa I would’ve wished “No homework no homework no homework”. Now that‘s a dream to live for. At least at the last minute. lol

This was so cute!

Never had a chance to have a hair swap with my siblings… probably because 1) never thought about it and 2) currently, we both have the same hairstyles. And I don’t have any ribbons so I can’t take my baby sister’s hairstyle. *slits*

Didn’t know what the hell this was. But it didn’t make it any less awesome.

I love you Kagami-sama. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you suki da yo. My master, Kagami-sama.

Sebastian gets no love.

Instead, he gets praise for his *clap* wonderful speech about tsunderes. Sebastian must be happy for his extended set of lines instead of squirming in fear around the demon known as Akira. I can’t blame him, either.

I want YOU
to join ME
in the SOS Brigade!
Uncle Sam wants you in the army.
It’s a loli! Get her!
omfg?! You faps?!!!
I see you masturbating.

I’d tap that.
GTFO of my Japan.

Sōjirō. Still. Scares. the. ****. Out. Of. Muh. Konata’s mother is actually a really pretty lady though. ^^; lol

He gets off easy because almost all the grown women in Lucky Star are loli. ):

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star 10 – Aspiration”

  1. Alright, we’ve got another one in the Tsukasa ranks! 😀 Too bad that she still comes in third on the official (and by official I mean more than 1000 votes) AoMM poll. Nearly beaten by Akira, too.

    Sometimes I wonder how KyoAni chooses their references though. The Haruhi ones are obvious (self-reference), but why Kooh (Pangya girl with golf club) and…whoever that is to the left of her? XD Maybe this show just exists to make us otaku feel better when we recognize something.

    I think it’d be strange to have a father like Konata’s dad; although it’d be neat to have a father with the same obsessions, in the end you’d end up candidly talking about eroge or something. With your parents. And that’s just o_O.

    Finally, much winning of internet. on the poem for the Shiraishi Wants YOU screencap. ^^

  2. @CCYoshi: lol Yeah. Jason really needs to screw with that poll and make Tsukasa win. ): lol j/k xD

    That girl next to Kooh actually reminded me of Eclair from Kiddy Grade… but that’s just me.

    Oh god, this show does make me happy.

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