Ever17 -the out of infinity-

Played this game through a trial version, so I didn’t get the full experience. However, I have to say that the visual novel’s story captured my interest and made me want to keep playing through the day. However, when all these random, out-of-place scenes started to appear, I knew it was the end of my adventure.

The story is about a group of seven people stranded in an underwater-themed amusement park. You either play as a guy named Takeshi or a boy who doesn’t know what his name is or any of his past. I’m not giving any crucial details as to not ruin the experience for people who plan to play it (finding out any small details in the story before playing it can ruin the read of any visual novel!). And due to sheer laziness. Just so you know, I played as Takeshi.

The trial version lets you get familiar with the characters’ personalities, not getting any deeper than that. And as a trial version, I didn’t expect the story to end, it ended in a cliffhanger. Although I felt a sense of urgency giving as the character only have about 5 days to live. Overall, it was a nice read and I would buy it if I ever came across the full version somewhere else.

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  1. haha though i dunno what game is that… nice screenshots tho! lucky you. u got the trail version @@ lucky stars rock!! im on episode 7 now. lol. chasing to you soon xD thanks for posting! likewise im posting here too xD

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