Shakugan no Shanatan 01

OVA: Shakugan no Shanatan
Series: Shakugan no Shana
Production: J.C.Staff

Uruchai uruchai uruchai!

The best DVD extra I have ever seen.

On that ordinary day, Yuuji Sakai wouldn’t ever have expected… that his world would be dislocated even further.

Who are you staring at?”
Uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!

Shanatan is eating melonpan on Yuuji’s head, and he tells her to stop. She says that she’ll have rice cakes on sticks with syrup next time then. Yuuji tells her that would be worst because that’ll make his hair all sticky. Shanatan then says Yuuji complains too much. Yuuji says that she‘s complaining right this moment.

Uruchai, uruchai, uruchai, uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!
Baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka, baka!

A jealous Kazumi seems to be stalking them. Is it, by any chance, that the chibi with the flaming red hair and blazing pupils is on his head by coincidence?

Kazumi offers lunch to Yuuji, however…

Shanatan drools all over Yuuji’s head (and I mean holy ****, that chibi can hold alot of liquid! I’d be scared too).

Hilarious how the usual background battle music is played over all of this.

Yuuhi tells Shanatan to stop sharpening Nietono no Shana on his head. She listens, but says they’ll have the night training on his head from now on and that she’ll burn everything with her flame wing. Yuuji says she can’t do that or else all his hair will burn and he’ll become bald!

Uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!
Be bald, be bald, be bald, be bald, be bald, be bald!

[vocal plays]

Aw. How cute. Kazumi’s jealous… OH SHI-! She’s having a relapse!


You wondered why Alastor wasn’t in the majority of the special? Yup.

I hate it when seagulls steal girls’ jewlery… OH SORRY, I MEAN “Flame of Heaven“. Sorry, jeez.

Overall a very funny self-parody of the show. I recommend it to any Shana fan.

I like it how it takes the serious tone of Yuuji’s narration at the beginning of the special and turns it inside-out. ^^; We get to see a close-but-not-as-bad Kaede-type relapse from Kazumi. And of course Shanatan was and sounded cute. lol

A+++ material. 😀

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