Lucky Star 11 – Ways to Spend Christmas Eve

What’s the best way to spend Christmas Eve? Sending letters to that fat jolly prawler that breaks into your house and gives you free stuff.

Or better yet, watching an episode of a Kyo-plugin show… now with less plugins!

I never slept in a bus/train/subway before. Mainly because I tend to avoid public transportation because most of the time the only seats available are covered in dog/baby/old people crap. Only on school field trips but those usually keep me awake.

I’m also paranoid I might be violated by those chikan due to reading a description of a very disturbing eroge Rapelay (NFWS!!!). I’m suprised a person drawn like Konata made it through these kinds of things, esspecially in Japan where chikan (obviously) run wild.

… Wait, isn’t that a little hypocritical? Konata was practically ALL OVER that man (which, by the way, I’ve noticed stands out amoungst the others lol). Weren’t they just talking about how annoying it was when old people lean on them on public transportation? Oh well. That’s what makes it funny.

Oooh I hate it when that happens! Konata got her seat stolen! That happened quite a few times to me back in elementary school… Go up to sharpen a pencil/get paper for 6 seconds, and then someone’s in my seat wanting to “talk to their friends”. Pssh.

… Wow, I can relate to Lucky Star. Does that make me a loser?

lol Konata and Kagami-sama studied for the same amount of time for once in this episode. 4 hours? Not that long, but it’s long for Konata.

I loved Tsukasa’s facial expressions in this episode, esspecially when she goes like o___o. It’s so cute. This whole episode reminded me of the manga for some reason, because usually we get this, but then we get this which looks like this.

… Santa Claus is fake?! My dreams are ruined! I thought you loved me Tsukasa! ;___;

This scene gave me a good laugh.

The inside joke here is that Kagami-sama visits her sister’s class a little too much, leading to the students adressing her by her first name.

I also see some side characters with actual speaking roles, notably Misao (voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara)! ^^

Moé and their fear of dentists…

Haha, I just noticed that Miyuki seems to get alot of cavaties. ^^;

I got kind of scared for a minute there when Konata sort of implied that she had a date, but I knew that wasn’t the case! Santa cosplay ftw.

… Is anyone else sort of freaked out that mainly guys go to that cosplay café? Are guys, like, 90% of the population of nerds? Or are they just there to check out the cosplay waitresses?

This little boy wants to sit on Santa’s lap.


No, I’m not being serious, you sicko.

As Hecate would put it, “fill me up with your lovely thoughts” Kagami-sama.

I’m still not being serious, you sicko. Actually, no, these comments make me sort of the sicko here… Oh well. *shrug*

But ever since I was little, I’ve always thought Santa Claus was totally trespassing.”

That’s what I’ve thought all along. Go Konata! Of course, he gives me free stuff for being a good little boy, so I didn’t really mind. He’s a respectable prawler.


Haha. I’d love to have a friend like Konata, always making cracks about peoples’ breasts and whatnot. X) I’m actually suprised at the size of Miyuki’s bust too, not because it’s “big”, it’s because you can actually see it unlike the rest of the Lucky Star cast. *headshot*

I actually don’t mind whenever my cup noodles get soggy. Why? Because I always have the ability to eat it all up with one chug, and it gives me that feel-good feeling…

Did anyone else notice that particular cupnoodle changed from “CURRY” to “SEAFOOD” within a few frames? IT’S A TRANSFORMER GET IT! >:0

Here comes my favorite scene out of the whole episode. Konata’s dad tries to make clear on who has the authority in the house because, even though Konata said she’ll be coming home late, she came home too late… but then…

“Merry Christmas! Here’s your Christmas present daddy!”
“;___; It looked cold outside, why don’t you sit down and have a cup of hot tea? I’m so happy I could die.”


To tell you the truth, Konata’s dad has given me the biggest laughs out of the whole episode.

Sensei was online that night? Kind of hard to believe, because I expected a person like her to…

Oh yeah. That’s right. “SINGLE”.

Hmmm… I wonder if Kona’s dad would’ve been available that night. 😉


Static shocks always get me everytime, when I least expect it.


The highlight of the episode. Konata’s dad has algolagnia.

Overall, a very fun episode. Two thumbs up. I seem to get very attached to this anime as the days go by.

Looks like Akira is going to be in the next episode…


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