Stop watching your anime on YouTube you Narutards!

Slight profanity ahead, not for the slightly squimish. A slight rant ahead, not for the slight-rant haters.

I am getting a wee-bit upset, no, p*ssed at not only my friends’ Naruto-fanboyism but Narutards in general. Why you ask? Because most of them are annoying, obnoxious, and irritating, making the only good Naruto fans look bad. Not to mention they constantly b*tch about an English dub they constantly compare to the Japanese subs that they watched on, you guessed it, YouTube. They think they’re oh-so-cool that they have access to the Japanese version of an anime. Well guess what freaks, I GOT FRIKKEN’ ACCESS TO THEM TOO. Most of the public do. They just need the brain campacity to work a BitTorrent or IRC client. Or maybe, just maybe, they buy the UNCUT DVDs (THAT’S RIGHT! UNCUT OMFG that is liek so amazing) instead of pirating the show from YouTube, which isn’t all that amazing unless it’s uncommon to search “Naruto episode english subbed sasuke and naruto secks”. That’s the last thing you could brag about.

And also…

First of all, the English Naruto dub isn’t all that bad. It’s actually not a bad dub period.

Naruto’s voice is annoying!!!

Naruto’s an annoying character, so why not have an annoying voice?

“Believe it!” is annoying!

“Dattebayo” is twice as annoying when you actually understand the damn language you weaboo.

dey cut out naruto and sasuke kissing!!!111 (fangirl dialect)

That scene was unneeded and disturbing in the first place. It still happened in the English dub, but we didn’t need to see it. I don’t care what you SasuNaru (or whatever portmanteau this pairing uses) fangirls think of me, most of you are fat and ugly shota fans that I can care less about. Yes, that’s an exaggeration, because I know most of you are hot.

4Kids shouldn’t have dubbed it!

4Kids never dubbed it sir-or-maddam-who-claims-to-be-a-Naruto-fan-but-doesn’t-even-bother-researching-its-English-dub-let-alone-pay-attention-to-the-damn-credits-that-has-that-giant-‘VIZ”-logo a.k.a retard.

it’s as bad as the one piece dub lawl. (A, what a suprise, YouTube comment)

You’re an idiot.

the best ninjas ever.

Ninja don’t wear bright orange jumpsuits and yell out their attacks in the open.


And newsflash: Naruto wasn’t really all that amazing in the Japanese version either. Sure, the first arc sets upon an arguably awesome premise that wasted it’s potential a few episodes after. The first battles felt alot more ninja-like, in my opinion. I kept on watching it for what it was, but a long time after, slowly and slowly, I began to realize and said to myself: “Hey, Naruto seems to take alot of elements out of DBZ… it doesn’t really feel any different from all the other typical shounen anime out there.” There and then, that became my opinion of the show. And was I wrong? I don’t think so. It DOES seem to take alot of plot elements from DBZ and change them around a little bit.

Jiraiya = Muten Rôshi
Naruto/Sasuke rivalry = Son Goku/Vegeta rivalry (their relationship started bitter towards each other but then they started to warm up)
sasuke turns 2 teh dark side = An extended version of Majin Vegeta
Kyuubi = Super Saiyajin

Masashi Kishimoto even admitted that he was inspired by DBZ somewhat.

I also quit the anime quite deep within the filler sagas and tried out ShippÅ«den but then dropped it when I realized it still wasn’t my cup of tea. I also quit the manga because honestly, the dragged-out story started to bore me after a long time of following it. I would’ve kept on reading the manga just for the artwork, but even that’s gotten bland since Kishimoto DOESN’T EVEN DRAW IT ANYMORE (really lost the bit of charm it had when he was drawing it). A series that has a potentially awesome world and a set of horribly ignored side characters, ruined by the mangaka author with his horrible writing. Sure, it has pretty decent action, but there are tons of series out there with even better action. STOP SHOVING “NARUTO IS THE BESTEST ANIME” IN MY FACE!

Overall, Naruto has a pretty retarded fanbase (as if no one knows that already…). I hope all your Naruto episodes get deleted on YouTube. :/ Someone tell me when the story picks up and actually meets my standards. I just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to… For those who are still blogging Naruto, I respect you alot. I really do. You sit through some horribly-paced episodes, maybe even decent ones, and you never give up. Diligence. And to the Naruto fans that are actually diverse with their anime outside of the stuff on TV, Bleach, and Death Note (which I’ve found alot of Narutards to be familiar with for some reason…), I will forever love you.

The Naruto rant aside, on to watching anime on YouTube and YouTube in general.


Or, at least, for series you can easily get and if it’s for review purposes. It’s okay if you’re there to rewatch a certain series that are unlicensed, those of which you don’t want to bother downloading again (although that makes me question why you deleted them from your hardrive in the first place). Esspecially since most of the videos on there have such horrible quality. Actually, the only good quality video I’ve seen on YouTube is this:

But now, videos like that can never be uploaded on there ever again because YouTube made a clear point that “ALL UR 100MB VIDEOS R BELONG 2 US” . Seriously. there are much better sites out there, such as Stage6. YouTube still has alot of great videos though, but it’s just not there for people who want decent video quality. Or anime.


8 thoughts on “Stop watching your anime on YouTube you Narutards!”

  1. Welcome to the world of early-2000s DBZ fandom, where the intelligent and rational voices (which, though few, exist) are drowned in a sea of stupid. Only, Naruto seems to have it worse since not only are the fans below average above the shoulders, but the progress in technology gives them both a greater sense of entitlement and a militant advocacy of the Japanese version (which they can neither understand nor truly appreciate for what it is).

    I once had a friend (incidentally, herself an avowed Sasuke/Naruto slasher) complain about the English dub when it first came out. As a One Piece fan, it took every ounce of willpower not to punch the ingrate in the face. When you have an English dub that already caters to the fanboy/fangirl crowd by sprinkling Japanglish liberally regardless of whether it’s needed, and even attempting to translate datteba yo, fer chrissakes (the phrase, as any fluent speaker can tell you, is more often than not an attention-getting device used by children who are being ignored for a reason by their parents), it takes a boatload of elitism, not to mention stupidity, to criticize it. Which I guess is why that very thing happens.

    Now, bad dubs do happen to good shows, and for that reason, I am very glad that One Piece has been given a second chance by FUNimation (something I could never have imagined saying during the heyday of FUNi-bashing back in 2000 or so). Sometimes, though, I think series like Naruto are treated better than their fans deserve.

  2. Ah, amen on Funimation getting the rights One Piece.

    Funny how an anime with the bad fanbase gets the good dub (unappreciated at that) and the other way around. Irony at its finest.

  3. “… For those who are still blogging Naruto, I respect you alot. I really do. You sit through some horribly-paced episodes, maybe even decent ones, and you never give up. Diligence.. “

    LOL.. I only watched the first saga of naruto and I thought it was good. I haven’t continued it since I got other good titles on my hard drive. And it’s good too that I haven’t encountered these kinds of fans you were talking about. 😀

  4. @ Darren: Yeah, the first saga I enjoyed quite a bit also. ^^

    As for the bad fans, an easy way to NEVER encounter them is to stay away/read opinions from those bad communities like YouTube or some Naruto forums/sections in Anime forums. Sure, the good Naruto fans have good opinions, but most likely the bad fans will overshadow the good ones, esspecially the newcomers.

  5. 4Kids never dubbed it sir-or-maddam-who-claims-to-be-a-Naruto-fan-but-doesn’t-even-bother-researching-its-English-dub-let-alone-pay-attention-to-the-damn-credits-that-has-that-giant-‘VIZ”-logo a.k.a retard.
    So true, now see if any of them know who the dub director is 😛

  6. Want to know what’s even more retarded? The group that puts out fansubs of Naruto doesn’t even want it’s subs on YouTube, but the retarded Naruto fans keep putting the shit up because they don’t give a damn about the people who actually sub it, and recently the group seems to have gotten pissed off about it(along with several other things), and threatened to stop fansubbing it.
    I friggin hate it when dumb Naruto fans on the net flaunt that they “watch the Japanese Naruto on YouTube”. In my eyes, they might as well be insulting themselves. Get into Bittorrent or IRC. Seed the damn file for a bit, or show the fansubbers some love.

    What’s even funnier than this? I am a Naruto fan, and I can’t stand the rest of the fanbase. It’s like watching 4 year olds talk politics.

  7. (Comment by an anon that I decided to move over to this blog because it was posted on my old blogger blog…):
    Hey, we can always report each and every Youtube episode and try to get the people who post it banned from Youtube and slammed with copyright infringement.

  8. omfg LOL i know way too many narutardsfor my own good. i think its starting to rub off on me! I hate that they use Hinata like a sex toy in edited videos. Wack off to another character Jerks!!!!!!!

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