The Video Game of Haruhi Suzumiya

Right from Kotaku! This blogger also has it up too, before me.

Yup. A new The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya PSP game is set to be released on July 10th (9 days after my birthday!) by Bandai Namco (coincidence that Bandai was the one that licensed it in the US, hm? 😉 Maybe this game will see the light of day in the US after all).

All I have to say is… why PSP? I was hoping for more of a Haruhi DS game, since I feel they could do alot with the DS’s features. I’m not too fond of the PSP either (note: I’m NOT a Nintendo fanboy). Oh well.

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  1. Bit of cross-commenting here ^^

    Yeah, it seems like a strange thing for Haruhi to not at the least be cross-platform. I can understand the PSP release (almost) as many ren’ai games are released on that platform (for some unknown reason), but I think the DS would be a good seller as well.

    Maybe Bandai doesn’t want another Dokidoki panic on their hands, (get that? it’s a pun.) as I can’t imagine the amount of people who want to get their hands (styluses) all over Mikuru 😛 I know in the Lucky Star game for DS that you could touch them like that, at any rate. The Haruhi license might be pretty strict – it’s why we can’t get broadcast order on the R1s.

    But that’s just incredibly, incredibly rampant speculation as I would prefer a DS release as well. At least both portables are region-free.

    I doubt a US release, but I can dream, at least of an English option a la Phoenix Wright (speaking of Dokidoki, it might be going that way as well, quite promising…)

  2. @Cardcaptor Yoshi: Sort of unrelated, but has DokiDoki been confirmed to be an ero-game? Because I’ve been ranting on and on about how people jumped to conclusions just because it had a slice of loli and a touchpad. 😛

    Touchpad Haruhi! Play as Haruhi and you get to caress Mikuru in all sorts of fun areas and dress her up in a meido costume. *_* lol

    For an English option like the Japanese versions of the Gyakuten Saiban DS games… I guess for Haruhi they would just translate the text and keep the voice acting (like most visual novels… if this game will *have* voice acting that is) because I doubt they’d go to the trouble and round up the English voice actors (much more harder than importing the “OBJECTION!”/”HOLD IT!”/”TAKE THAT” soundbites into a game), even though that would be sweet.

  3. Well, I did some research, and as far as I know Dokidoki isn’t technically an ero game, because Nintendo would probably clamp down on it in that case, but it still has TEH LOLI BEWBIES!!ONE!!1! and you can touch them so it gets a rep as that. Because, I suppose, it is still quite a risque game in comparison to most others on the market – i.e. there haven’t been any hentai DS games AFAIK (I won’t ask to be proved wrong…), while I know Sony cleared the PSP for such stuff.

    There’s actually supposed to be other stuff to the game other than OMG TOUCHING, but they (the publishers) know and we know that’s what people are going to be looking for, so that’s what’s getting drummed up. >_< I’m not sure who would use the English VAs given the choice, as I think the English text + Japanese VAs would be plenty – but I suppose you know more about Phoenix Wright than I do because I just heard of the English option, didn’t know it had English voices (for all of 2 quotes, as it is) as well. I would imagine the English voices would eat up too much space, anyway, even if they wanted to do it. If they want English voices in their game that badly they can release a separate US version. 😀 …*sigh*

  4. Haruhi has always been quite popular but the references to the series in Lucky Star probably helped keep up the craze.

  5. well it seem’s like the full link can’t be posted so just go to wikipedia and search haruhi suzumiya

  6. lol Wikipedia and “most likely true” in the same sentence. Hahahahahaha.


    But yeah, it is coming to the Wii. :/

  7. btw, This post was before it was announced that it would be coming to the Wii and PS2, so I wouldn’t have known.

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