So tired and depressing

This past week has been a real energy drainer. I haven’t really felt like watching any of the new episodes of the anime on my watchlist. No, it’s not what you think. I haven’t lost interest in anime, or blogging – as you can plainly see from this past week. It’s just that I recieved some devastating news on Tuesday, even though it has nothing, or at least indirectly, to do with me.

According to him, my friend’s grandmother died from a surgery last Friday night. She went through a surgery to remove a small tumor from some part of her body, a very small tumor. My friend’s family figured she might’ve been okay, since she went through a much serious surgery before and she said there was no risk. However, they found out there must have been some sort of risk since an air bubble went into her throut and she started to sufficate. She had minutes before her time was up, however, his family decided to pull the plug since she was paralyzed and there was nothing they could do. My friend feels very sad that he has lost his grandmother, and I felt sad the moment I heard it because I was having a normal boring weekend, not knowing what had happened. Aside from my usual angst, it was a very big motivation-killer.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make this post to garner sympathy for him, but to wish a good “rest in peace” to a fellow human being that died recently (the funeral is today too, actually). Always remember to spend as much time with the people close to you, because they won’t be with you forever.

For those who want to know, my “friend” is actually a minion guest on this blog who makes occassional posts, xXStevenLeXx.