The Chipmunks… are anime fans?

Made by this guy. Pretty amazing how, with a few programs, something epic like this could be made. The FMA (“Rewrite“) one, in my opinion, was the best of the bunch.

What’s more amazing is that The Chipmunks learned how to sing in Japanese. 😛 Hmm, I’d like to see someone mess with the audio of “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” (NOT an anime song to those music-illiterate) and see how that comes out as. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

Sky Girls (TV) 01

As opposed to the OVA, the TV series dives into the explanation on how the girls joined the military instead of rushing into mecha action in the middle of their tenure like the OVA did. The “Sky Girls” logo is slightly different too.

The episode felt a little bit average to me. It was average. For the people that really didn’t like the OVA, watching the first episode wouldn’t help you get into it much since it really doesn’t grab your attention. It basically focused more on Otoha than the other two girls. Eika got the least screentime, which made me a bit sad.

Here’s the opening and ending. I guess I found the opening catchy because I found myself replaying it over 20 times. The ending is kind of annoying to me though. Compared to the OVA’s opening and ending, where I actually liked both, I found the OVA’s opening and ending music to be better.

But hey, I saw the potential in the OVA, so I guess I’ll keep watching. ^^

School Days 01

Short Summary:
A schoolboy: Makoto Itō is fascinated by Kotonoha Katsura whom rides the same train he does every morning. He manages to take a picture of her in his cellphone
without her knowing due to some belief of a love charm; taking a picture in your cellphone of someone you like, make it your wallpaper for three weeks without anyone knowing, and then, just like that, the person is yours. However, Sekai Saionji – a noisy girl – catches Makoto looking at the picture in his cellphone and knows of his secret, promising to not tell anyone and even helping him get a slight chance of a relationship with Kotonoha. After getting Makoto to actually talk to Kotonoha, Makoto gets the courage to actually ask Kotonoha out on a date. Kotonoha then realizes that the person that she had in mind, the person who she thinks constantly looks at her everyday on the train, was Makoto. Right before Makoto leaves on his date, Sekai kisses Makoto and boards the train on her way home, realizing her own feelings.

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Doujin Work 01

Short Summary:
The story is about a girl named Najimi Osana who learns more and more about the doujin world. She is convinced that she wants to be a doujin artist due to seeing what her friend could make at a convention. She loves to draw but finds that it is more difficult to comprehend after all. After making friends with some interesting people, they teach her the ins and outs of the field, and maybe she will eventually make a name for making doujinshi.

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 1 DVD Review

License: Bandai Entertainment
Dubbing: Bang Zoom!

So I finally bought my copy of the DVD 2 days ago (took me long enough, yes). Wanted the limit edition one due to the cosplay ribbon and the Noizi Ito art on the cover, but what was I supposed to do? 😛 Almost got a DVD where the plastic around the box was about to fall apart. Good thing I caught that in time. ^^;;

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Cosplay at AX 2007

I was checking out some videos of the convention that people posted on the internet since I really didn’t want to go. Driving all the way to Los Angeles, going past some really bad smelling cows from the pastures in the hot summer weather, and arriving half-dead is NOT worth seeing the Haruhi cast. Shoot me if you will. ;;

Here’s a video of cosplay at AX made by the dudes in the credits from YouTube. It’s basically a montage of cosplay on Day 2. As you can see, cosplay’s the usual, ranging from friggin’ wierd (0:30) to very awesome (at 1:12, we see some really cute cosplay of Fallen Angel Flonne. ^^). At 1:00, we see Spider Man and AbaRed… xD lol I believe Comicon is that way. *points waaaay over there*. Kidding, kidding.

In the middle of “friggin’ wierd” and “very awesome”, there’s “very disgusting” I pretty much expect that there are very… well-built men/women cosplaying as very petite loli. I believe there’s at least 6 fat 30-year-old women cosplaying as Flonne and another 30 men, of all ages, dressing in all sorts of drag. You can only see this kind of thing in California… at Anime Expo! …Maybe not.

Of course, nothing’s complete without almost over 50 Haruhi taking over a chunk of space outside, lots of dansu, and doing the Lucky Star dance which over half them didn’t even get right (lol ^^;;).

Oh my. Is that Yuki a trap?

The 2nd Season of Haruhi Suzumiya

According to the August edition of Newtype, and a thread on Animesuki’s forums and 2ch, “Suzumiya Haruhi II” has been officially confirmed.

Haruiists are getting hyped up already and I can’t blame them. I guess the new PSP/PS2/Wii game was sort of a prelude to this, which makes more sense to me than my original assumption that it was announced upon the R1 DVDs getting released in North America. Why would they care about America?

Common sense tells me that we’ll have to wait until CLANNAD is aired and finished until we can see the second season of the Haruhi anime (KyoAni usually takes one project at a time!). So I have a feeling we’re gonna get lots of hype. ^^;;

Konata seems to be having a orgasmic-rejoice. 😉

Naughty Kagamin~

Looks like Kagami-sama came across some yaoi (I knew she couldn’t resist these kinds of stuff). 😀 Honestly the best part in the episode.

Didn’t catch some of the lines in the RAW so I’ll look for a subbed version.

I also had a decent birthday yesterday. When I get my $100 (or more depedning on how many people give me money as a present) it be time to hunt down the items of my desires.

Obscure Korean Gaming – Why Can’t It Be Good? (Mikoto Edit: You got the publisher wrong)

Title: Magna Carta : Tears of Blood
Publisher: Atlus Softmax
English Distribution: Atlus
Rating: D+

-Storyline- C+
The storyline is generic, but acceptable. There is a war between elf-like people and humans. They look similar except for one race having pointy ears and the other having rounded ears. However, legends go around saying the elf-people are demonic freaks of nature, so anybody that isn’t in the front lines has no idea what they look like other than what propaganda. The main character is the leader of a human mercenary group and is inspired to fight because his family was slaughtered.

Sound familiar? If you’ve played a small amount of games, you should be familiar with this already.

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I’m Back With a New PC

I’ve been away for a while, and even though I don’t regularly blog, due to the fact that playing a game takes longer than watching an anime episode, I still felt it was important to state that I’m officially back.

The blog owner has made a post about the unfortunate events I was dealing with, but that wasn’t the only reason I was gone. You see, I was having some computer problems. An enormous dust bunny blocked my CPU fan from moving causing my computer to overheat and forcing me to buy this new computer.

Here’s a quick bit of advice : always remember to crack open your computer every once in a while, to make sure dust bunnies aren’t taking over your PC. If you have a Mac then my spite against Macs will command you to leave it alone and let it break.

Also, I may start posting computer news if I can get permission from the blog owner.