Naughty Kagamin~

Looks like Kagami-sama came across some yaoi (I knew she couldn’t resist these kinds of stuff). 😀 Honestly the best part in the episode.

Didn’t catch some of the lines in the RAW so I’ll look for a subbed version.

I also had a decent birthday yesterday. When I get my $100 (or more depedning on how many people give me money as a present) it be time to hunt down the items of my desires.

2 thoughts on “Naughty Kagamin~”

  1. The sub for LS 12 should be out already by now, I remember watching this episode. Where do you get your anime from? I find Animesuki to be a good place for everything. ^^

  2. I usually get my fansubs from Animesuki also. I get my RAWs mostly from Tokyo Toshokan, but sometimes I get some from l33t-RAWs which is a good alternative.

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