Obscure Korean Gaming – Why Can’t It Be Good? (Mikoto Edit: You got the publisher wrong)

Title: Magna Carta : Tears of Blood
Publisher: Atlus Softmax
English Distribution: Atlus
Rating: D+

-Storyline- C+
The storyline is generic, but acceptable. There is a war between elf-like people and humans. They look similar except for one race having pointy ears and the other having rounded ears. However, legends go around saying the elf-people are demonic freaks of nature, so anybody that isn’t in the front lines has no idea what they look like other than what propaganda. The main character is the leader of a human mercenary group and is inspired to fight because his family was slaughtered.

Sound familiar? If you’ve played a small amount of games, you should be familiar with this already.

-Gameplay- D-
Please don’t get me started with this. The gameplay is absolutely horrendous. The battle system consists of moving around on the battlefield, getting close to an enemy, initiating the attack, and a DDR style attack beings. A triangle with 3 circles will appear. The circles will have a button pop up in it, which you must press on the controller. This will be repeated until one side is dead.

Outside of battle things are no better. You have two modes of movement. Run, which moves you quickly, allowing for lazy movement, but drastically minimizes your line of sight. If an enemy attacks you during run mode, you will be ambushed and have the disadvantage in the battle screen. The other movement type is walk, in which you draw your sword, move slowly, and have a huge line of sight. This sluggish movement is annoying, and if an enemy gets you no ambush happens. However, if you strike the enemy from behind first, you do an ambush. There is also a third option, which isn’t really movement. You can sit down and rest, and your party’s health will heal. Your line of sight is minimal during healing and you can be ambushed, just like in run mode.

-Graphics– B+
The graphics don’t stand out much, but they keep up with the other games that were made during the same time period. They’re not bad by any means, but they’re just not better than the others. If you want something above a B in graphics from me, it has to be something better than the competition, not the same.

-Pictures- A+
These pictures get an A+ because I found them. :]

The main character doing a not very inspiring attack.

Oh joy, buttons to press quickly in a certain order.

Here we can see some poor soul trying hard to get that “GREAT!!!” by pressing the buttons well.


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  1. Yeah, it was made by Softmax, not Atlus Steven. Atlus merely released it in North America.

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