School Days 01

Short Summary:
A schoolboy: Makoto Itō is fascinated by Kotonoha Katsura whom rides the same train he does every morning. He manages to take a picture of her in his cellphone
without her knowing due to some belief of a love charm; taking a picture in your cellphone of someone you like, make it your wallpaper for three weeks without anyone knowing, and then, just like that, the person is yours. However, Sekai Saionji – a noisy girl – catches Makoto looking at the picture in his cellphone and knows of his secret, promising to not tell anyone and even helping him get a slight chance of a relationship with Kotonoha. After getting Makoto to actually talk to Kotonoha, Makoto gets the courage to actually ask Kotonoha out on a date. Kotonoha then realizes that the person that she had in mind, the person who she thinks constantly looks at her everyday on the train, was Makoto. Right before Makoto leaves on his date, Sekai kisses Makoto and boards the train on her way home, realizing her own feelings.

I watched the ONA (subtitled animation from the game) and this wasn’t much different from it, it plays out almost the same as the game. That was a smart move to do, I guess, at least for the first episode of the series.

It was alright, even though it seemed pretty slow, it did have enough content to have that little dramatic effect at the end. Considering they can cram the same content in thirty minutes in the ONA, that’s to be expected. The animation wasn’t that different from the game’s (or rather, the character designs, but it would be pretty retarded if they changed the character designs in an animation of an animated game), I’m glad they weren’t tempted on recycling some scenes from the game (I don’t think they can do that if they tried though… ORZ)!

Let’s see, the game had some pretty violent bad endings (one of the characters got shank’ed!). Do I want to see the anime end with one of these endings? Not really, I’m more of a person who leans more to seeing any ending, good or bad. I prefer not to go with the harem ending though… By the description other people tell me of him, Makoto certainly does not deserve to impregnate two girls. Watching the first episode of the ONA and anime, I wasn’t very fond of him either since it does seem he’ll be pretty pathetic. Even though he seems to have the same pathetic-ness as me. Blah. ._.

The plot… read the description and check it out if it seems interesting to you, don’t trust my opinion on it because I practically go with anything with romance in it. It seems like those typical love-triangles to me.

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  1. (previous comment deleted for clarification)

    The question is, does Makoto deserve even one girl? Because I saw some of the screencaps from episode 2 (only have 1 downloaded but unwatched), and wow…Makoto’s something pretty horrible. Even the worst, socially-inept otaku would at least pay attention to the girl he’s madly in love with when he’s going out with her.

    The way I see it, with Makoto being set up as such a jerk there’s two ways out: 1) rapid personality development or 2) BAD END him.

    I really am interested in the second personally, if only because this will differentiate School Days from being just a normal love-triangle anime.

  2. The endings where he ends up with both girls or a dead one is kind of weird. It doesn’t fit the story at all, but I’m guessing that’s one some people are after. :))

  3. @CCYoshi: Wow. Makoto sounds like a real ass. I haven’t seen the second episode yet so I gues I’ll find out soon enough.

    @mintie: A bad ending would make differentiate it from other love-triangle series though.

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