Here we have that anime based on the English study aid aimed at otaku, of the same name. The first book was apparently filled with lots of amusing grammar mistakes. Did the anime have any of the bad Engrish? I don’t think so. Personally, I don’t really care, but it would’ve been amusing.

Some parts made me laugh, such as “Don’t you think magical girls look the same even after they transform?” and the, well, perverted duck.

I swear, the lolicons will go crazy about this anime. The duck was drooling over a high school girl (who looks like a primary school student) in a friggin’ revealing fanservice-ish magical girl suit (WITH a VERY revealing henshin sequence). Did I hear a “perfect breasts” comment from the thing?! Once you see the duck’s true form in the prologue… Oh man, it’s just horrible. But it did make me laugh, so I guess I’m just a horrible person… Well actually, I raised my eyebrow and held my head with both hands the whole time, but I assure you I did laugh.

Also, why did Nao leave his… ummm… “treasures” in VERY easy-to-find spots? Does he even have parents?

More than others… Yes, the animation was pretty good, but the actual content… well… much less than desired.

I didn’t hate it, I admit that I did enjoy it. More-or-so the little English lessons than the actual “magical girl-ness”, though.

… The “CASTOFF” bit in the opening reminded me of Kamen Rider Kabuto. ^^;;

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