Sky Girls (TV) 01

As opposed to the OVA, the TV series dives into the explanation on how the girls joined the military instead of rushing into mecha action in the middle of their tenure like the OVA did. The “Sky Girls” logo is slightly different too.

The episode felt a little bit average to me. It was average. For the people that really didn’t like the OVA, watching the first episode wouldn’t help you get into it much since it really doesn’t grab your attention. It basically focused more on Otoha than the other two girls. Eika got the least screentime, which made me a bit sad.

Here’s the opening and ending. I guess I found the opening catchy because I found myself replaying it over 20 times. The ending is kind of annoying to me though. Compared to the OVA’s opening and ending, where I actually liked both, I found the OVA’s opening and ending music to be better.

But hey, I saw the potential in the OVA, so I guess I’ll keep watching. ^^