Planning on moving to a new host…

You heard me, Blogger. You insensitive bastard. I thought we had something special!

Yes, I’m planning on moving the blog to some other host. Actually, I took the first step by emailing Maestro at Yes, I look forward to having a blog at Yes, I plan to sell the rest of my life to Yes, just like all the others. 😛

But on to serious matters: I seriously got fed up with Blogger as a blogging platform. My first gripe – the commenting. First off, it would be much easier if there was a form for commenting on my posts instead of people posting comments on a page that loads so seriously slow that you’d have to refresh the page at least a million times until something actually APPEARS on the blank page. Does Blogger offer that? No. Yes, I was exaggerating on the “million” thing, but it really is pretty annoying. My layout, one of the only good Blogger templates (will go into that shortly), doesn’t provide me a comment box – so I searched all over Google for some sort of “comment box code”. Didn’t find a thing.

Second gripe, the templates and layouts. Blogger offers some really unprofessional-looking templates that no serious blogger would use for their blog. I know, appearence isn’t everything, but still… That’s why I chose this modified version of Kubrick to be my blog’s template. I generally check out alot of WordPress layouts ported to Blogger and give Blogger-original templates the cold shoulder. The only downside is that I have to add and update the sidebar manually, which isn’t a problem at all. I stick with Blogger-classic layouts, not the xml layouts which requires you to use “Blogger elements”. Thing is, some of the xml layouts ARE good, but the “labels” are DISORGANIZED compared to how one would cleanly organize a sidebars by hand. The “labels” are generally all over the place with the Blogger Elements. And I really don’t like that (I think) you have to put your “blogroll” in the same section as your “links”. WordPress is a little more… flexible.

Third gripe, the “features”. Unlike platforms like WordPress or MovableType, you have to add third-party “hacks” to your template in order for your blog to be remotely unique. Expandable posts are a pain because I have to add it all in BY HAND. Why does the Blogger team not add a “Expandable Posts Feature” to Blogger when a lot of people obviously want it? Did I mention that they added polls JUST NOW?

Fourth gripe, the glitches (such as the recently imfamous and recently fixed “I cannot type in a title for my post” glitch) and the lags (like whenever I try to make a new post and the page IS BLANK or is still loading. Kind of puts a stop to regular activity, huh?).

Last gripe, the load. THE LOAD. Do not want. Or is it just me?

Anyway… Yes, I contacted Maestro for new hosting. Once he accepts the request and the future setup is complete, update your blogrolls and say goodbye to The Otaku Spot… THE VLOGGER BERSION. Until then, I’ll still make posts here, all of which will probably be imported. ^^;

9 thoughts on “Planning on moving to a new host…”

  1. Was planning on posting and mentioning how there’s no wait over here in high speed internet land, but then it took 15 seconds to load, before auto-logging me in and deleting my comment. I love irony.

    Yeah, Blogger is really clunky and I definitely would’ve started with Animeblogger had I heard of it. Especially since then half my posts wouldn’t date to 1960 (although that has been fixed recently). XD

    Incidentally, when your move goes through, are you going to be able to move your old posts over or anything? That’s one of the big factors binding me to Blogger right now anyway (aside from me being lazy).

  2. @CCYoshi: From what I’ve seen, WordPress lets you import your old posts from Blogger, so yeah. 🙂

  3. Animeblogger is very good, its free and reliable, very good decision lol, I’m sure you’ll enjoy wordpress and all its flexibility custom layouts ftw 🙂

  4. Yeah, never really liked Blogger. 😉 Don’t worry, AB’s a reaaally good host site (Maestro’s a God, even though I never really talked to him before)

  5. @TokiDoki: I’m very sure I will. lol

    @Mintie: Yup. Known that from the number of people that enjoy his hosting. 😀

    Dunno about the god part though. lol More of a… “Overlord”.

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