Lucky Star 14

We get the introduction of Konata’s little cousin and Yui ‘nee-san’s little sister, Yutaka. Finally, a person who is actually shorter than Konata! Of course, we also get an introduction of the silent Minami.

Yui ‘nee-san is truely the “ideal cop”… Gosh, when you think about having a car ride with Yui, don’t you just feel like regurgitating too? I feel sorry for Yutaka.

Yukata is so cute. No wonder why Konata thinks she’s make a great combo with Miyuki. SO moé~!

On to Minami, she sorta’ reminds me of Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. She didn’t give me that impression in the manga. However, having the same seiyuu in the anime, the same silence, and the same life-long love of books gave me the slight impression of Yuki in my head. I guess having the same seiyuu caused it… Edit: + Yukata = loli yuri? Hmmm…

Back to Yui…

In my opinion, they’d all get caught sneaking into a bar. ^^;;

Lucky Channel’s interest is slowly fading. Maybe because it cuts into the episodes too early nowadays? ^^;; I’d like to see more of the actual show and less of Lucky Channel, but still enough of Lucky Channel to retain its value.

Live action Shiraishi for the win! One of the best parts in the episode. The guy’s priceless.

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5 thoughts on “Lucky Star 14”

  1. lol this is the ED with the hare hare yukai song I’ve been talking about, it was hilarious when I saw it. I’m amazed at how many references there are to Haruhi there are in this series and theres more to come.

  2. @TokiDoki: Yup. ALOT more to come. Already watched episode 16 and I have to say…

    I’m speechless. lol

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