Nanatsuiro★Drops 02 – I demand some yuri NOW… Kidding.

“Holy ****! Is that a ****?!”

Once a trap, always a trap. To any of you that actually got that reference, I commend you for your extensive knowledge of… traps.

We see Tsuwabuki waking up from a good night’s sleep, returned to normal. Was it all a dream? Tell that to that huggable cream of sugar sleeping next to you in bed. ;D Normally, this is kind of a “OH SHI-” situation for an anime guy. So many possibilities… millions of mallets from who-knows-where popping out and landing on the main character’s head, the main character being accused of being a 変態 or エッチ and getting his butt landed in prison, or the characters would break into an implied sex scene; the limit of what the broadcast code would allow (yes, I’m fully aware that Tsuwabuki doesn’t get it on with Sumomo until later in the game). In Tsuwabuki’s case, he got off lucky and Sumomo figured it was just a dream.

My favorite anime expression of all time.

This episode focuses on Sumomo and Yaeno’s friendship and trust. Yaeno finds out about Sumomo secret of beinng a Stellar Spinner and Yuki-chan, and Yaeno is put into a promise of trust with her being the only person who can know of their secret, with some character developement from Tsuwabuki/Yuki-chan (it’s obvious he’s gonna fall in love with Sumomo, eh?). Let’s say Yaeno is Nanatsuiro★Drops’s Tomoyo, only without the dress-making/videotaping and lesbian tendancies toward Sumomo unlike what I imply and what the anime would mislead you into thinking.

We get a little more information on Tsuwabuki’s current situation; his transformation into Yuki-chan isn’t permanent. During the day, he’s CEO of multi-billion company Wayne Industries and Gotham playboy, Bruce Wayne human but when the sun falls, he’s The Batman a sheep.

One gripe about the episode I had was that Yaeno was sort of, well, calm seeing a walking and talking stuffed lamb. My reaction would be a little like this:

Still adorable.

Next episode features a full debut of the antagonist we see in the shadows à la Eriol in episode 1.

Why was Miko-san being so overly-witty and hyper today? It’s a hot, summer day – and I’m losing my mind!

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