Manliness Suckers – The Reason I like Pink

They’re like leeches. They’re cute. They’re fuzzy. They make you warm inside. Any guy that watches begins to notice a decrease in his testosterone level.

I’ve noticed that during the long time spent in the anime fandom, I’ve been attracted to the very cute shows as well as the very serious ones. Of course, there are some anime/manga that I’m very skeptical at when I first look at them and find myself searching through various descriptions and, for manga, content until I see something that I find interesting. But there has been a wierd, reocurring trait in me that I have noticed for a long time now… If the show is perceived as cute, adorable, magical, a fluffy romance, girly, or “萌え” – I automatically give it a chance. I’ve also notice that, as person, I have liked some stuff girls are usually thought to like (such as stuffed animals, cute ribbons/hairbands (on girls, that is…), hardcore romance, etc. I don’t crossdress and I’m still straight, though ;)), Doesn’t helped that I’m a 兄さん of a very cute 妹… uhh, I mean a older brother of a very cute baby sister. This was NOT the case some years ago in the past.

Something has been sucking up the little manliness I had out of me. I blame quite a selection of anime for this. Actually, I’m going to name the suspect that I believe may have caused this certain female factor in me!

桜 are some of my favorite blossoms!

The #1 suspect. At first, I watched it because the plot seemed interesting and I heard of the major changes it went through went it came to America. All I remember from the US version was that “Sakura” was a snob, valley girl accents were thrown everywhere, and everything single thing was ruined. Anyway, when I first watched the subbed version – I was exposed to the cuteness of which was the narrator, Sakura. I was hypnotized. I couldn’t stop watching. I went into a marathon of the whole first season. During the middle of the series, I found myself slowly obsessing over love more than usual and when I finished the series, it was constantly on my mind. Go figure!

Along with watching some more mahou shoujo, along with the generic ones, that “inner female” inside me started to expand without notice! Watching stuff like Full Moon wo Sagashite (Shinigami, known in the English culture as “Grim Reapers”… in the form of animal plushies? Do I really need to explain?), Futago Hime, Di Gi Charat, Tokyo Mew Mew, Hidamari Sketch, etc. really did me in, huh? Presently, shows such as Nanatsuiro★Drops and Moetan (@_@@_@@_@@_@;; if it turns me into a lolicon, I’m going to shoot myself) this season aren’t really helping.

And I know I’m NOT the only male with this syndrome. (; I know that some of you out there got screwed out of your masculinity by watching shows which aren’t aimed at your gender and/or age group. What is it about these fluffy shows we call “shoujo” that draws all of us in hook-line-and-sinker? They have a hypnotic power, powerful enough to make you mentally disembody your inner “male” and generally makes you think like a girl sometimes… No, they leech off your manliness, giving the sacred power to all-powerful mec-… All I have to say is: there is no escape. You’re doomed. We’re all doomed.

Just so you know, the point of this post is not to actually share to the world my inner girliness, it’s more of wanting to ask… Do girls think guys who are slightly girly attractive? ^^;;

_|ï¿£|â—‹ …/facepalm

6 thoughts on “Manliness Suckers – The Reason I like Pink”

  1. Remembered my own flashbacks how I thought maybe a year ago or so pretty much same things. Soon enough it will be natural. =)

  2. I was doing a google image search, saw the first picture in this post, and had to read the rest >__<. I’m just going to go ahead and blame Cardcaptor Sakura too, I don’t know what it is but that show really draws you in. You can’t help but laugh out loud during the funny parts, and feel all worm during the fuzzy parts.

  3. Humm, weird things happened when I used emotes…
    In the part that got blanked out I basically said that I’m the same way.

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