Lucky Star 15 – “HENSHIN!”


Aya Star, Lucky Aya? Hmm...

Seeing Aya animated was sort of funny, esspecially done in Lucky Star’s artstyle!

Kyoto Animation seems to love giving slight nods left and right. I bet Aya Hirano fanboys were very happy with this one. (;

(;I've never felt this way about anyone before...

Konata x Kagami ftw. 😀

I found it amusing that Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki went to an Aya concert, but I guess it was pretty much expected at one point. Anyone who has watched the show up to this point already realize that KyoAni’s going to plug everything they can in this series. It’s not a bad thing, but it does take away from the actual “canon” content at times. Not as much as Lucky Channel though.

Kamen Rider Sōjirō


D-D-D-D-… Did I just see a reference to Kamen Rider Super-1?! Not only that, but it was VERY obvious – the hand movements, the henshin belt… Much more obvious than the previous Kamen Rider Stronger reference (the one where Sōjirō got static shock-happy and yelled out “STRRROOOONGER!”, which referenced the sparks in Kamen Rider Stronger’s henshin sequence). This sort of alludes to how old Konata’s dad is… Those Kamen Rider series dated back to 1975 and 1980!

A shame that alot of anime fans are completely oblivious to Japanese tokusatsu TV shows outside of Godzilla. Am I one of the only people who recognized the opening songs from Akumaizer 3, Ike! Godman and Space Ironmen Kyodain at the end of three previous karaoke endings in this series? Sad because it’s actually one of the most popular forms of Japanese entertainment, yet it escapes the eyes of some of the “weaboo” anime fans? Blah.

Anyway, some noteable parts of this episode are the ones adapted from the “April Fools” 4-koma strips:

Tsukasa tries too hard to lie. ^^;;

So evil! Tsukasa captures my heart as each episode passes! Is this supposed to happen? ^^;; I’m supposed to like TSUNDERE CHARACTERS WITH FLAMING HAIR AND BLAZING EYES!


Despite being April Fools, I would’ve had a heart attack too if I found out my teacher accidentally erased a saved file in my game. I always have shivers when I think about this Zelda TP glitch… eep. Esspecially when you’re THAT far into the game and haven’t saved yet. ):

The Real Miyuki

I would’ve fell for this too. Seriously, in real life (from a teacher’s point of view), isn’t having a student like Miyuki too good to be true? Well, maybe I’m exaggerating and being too negative on school society.

What will my new mother be like?

Even though Konata was just playing along and turning Sōjirō’s April Fools joke on him, what she did was pretty evil. xD

Everyone’s wanted class arrangements came true. Everyone’s happy.

That is, if everyone’s Konata, Tsukasa, Miyuki, Yutaka, Minami, and Kagami’s classmates. Kagami’s not included in the “everyone” group. I like it how she pretends that she doesn’t really care. Even though she sees her friends during breaks almost all the time, not being in the same class as them throughout all the high school years is pretty unfortunate. Poor Kagami!


Wait… this is their last year in high school?!

When you realize that this is their last year in high school, you realize that this series is getting closer to its end point. DO NOT WANT! Well, I’ll always remember that it was great while it lasted. (;


My new favorite anime expression. (;

The Minoru Legend of Love

Along with the heavy Da Capo parody, Live Action Shiraishi ending-goodness made this episode full of win. I just can’t get enough of the guy’s antics.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star 15 – “HENSHIN!””

  1. So evil! Tsukasa captures my heart as each episode passes! Is this supposed to happen? ^^;;
    YES. Yes yes yes. Tsukasa certainly seems to be the character that made up the most ground in adorability since episode 1. She’s my personal favorite, although Yuki’s palette swap Minami has potential.

    I’ll admit that I had to Wiki the word tokusatsu. Never had enough free time to immerse myself in more Japanese culture; haven’t bothered to find any sites for that kind of OMG REAL PEOPLE shows. Nice to know somehow is understanding all these references though, Lucky Star does a good job of making me feel very white. XD

    As for your comment on them being in their last year, makes me wonder how they are going to close the series off (I can think of a couple open ends still,mostly yuri-related…is the manga still running?

  2. @CCYoshi: From what I know, the manga is currently only 4 volumes.
    lol “OMG REAL PEOPLE shows” xD

  3. “Tsundere characters with flaming hair and blazing eyes eh? Now who could that possibly be? =_= cough…Shana…cough cough…

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