This picture is somewhat unrelated to the post - but it’s a samurai, so…

I’ve decided to try my hand at Shigurui. I need some violent, naked samurai man-slashing action this season, gosh darnit!

I need other people’s opinions before going into that kind of series though – is it any good? I honestly will hold back trying it if it’s just some mindless violence.

HOLD IT! Before you hit that…

(The red dude is me mocking my friend’s horrible overdose of l33t mocking…)

Always remember, THIS is the reason why the last place to start an online relationship is in an MMORPG. Sure, in a strange twist of fate you may find your true lover in an MMO – but you’d be pretty disappointed when doing a soul search on an online game and getting attracted IN THAT WAY to those pretty little pixels, only to find out they’re some dude that dropped out of high school and still lives with his mom.

Girls will go crazy for that.