HaruStar 16

... and then Mikoto comes from behind and saves the day!

Hmm… Do perverts really just walk up to you and ask you for your picture? Sure, it’s polite, but…

(Wow. Tsukasa sure is submissive.)

I'm not interested in ordinary menus!

Tsundere Voice VS Debated-Tsundere Voice

Amazing, simply amazing. The mannerisms, the facial expression, the posture, Aya switching between her Haruhi and Konata voices… It really felt as if the real Haruhi was fighting for control of Konata’s body.

The little nod to the character’s seiyuu was great. Loved how Kagami had her “WTF” face the whole time during their time at the cosplay café. ^^;; Although….

Impossible. Not really... Unique.

… they sort of overdid it with the Haruhi references here. Even though I did like it and thought it was one of the best parts in the episode, how long are they going to milk the self-referencing in this anime series?! Hopefully, after this episode we won’t be seeing that much KyoAni references. Which might be true given that the next episode doesn’t seem to have that much references at all. Yay! But… it seems whenever KyoAni gets these kinds of things out of their systems in one episode and give it a rest in the next, they seem to build up that system all over again in the episode after. lol

Oh wow. Do remember that cosplayers in real life aren’t always as good as the ones we find in anime. These cosplayers rocked! It felt like a psuedo-crossover between Lucky Star and Haruhi.

Just... Just... Go ahead and laugh.

I request that this delicious /facepalm pic be added to the universal pic of /facepalm pics, please.

NAZO NAZO. Mitai ni. Chikyuugi wo toki akashitara... Minna de doko made mo ikeru ne!


ponytail version

You know what’s sad about this little scene right here? It actually happens in real life.

Some random dude in the audience demanding a “ponytail version” put a smile on my face though. ^^;; Everyone wants ponytail’ed Haruhi, don’t they?

Classified Information

Classified Information

Patricia Martin! Good to know that this whole chunk of the episode wasn’t entirely filler, huh?

No hope.

Yeah, poor Yukata is so sickly and frail, not to mention small. If she ever gets a boyfriend (unlike the other Lucky Star girls), he’ll surely squish her.

No worries for Konata given all the eroge she plays. Otaku dominance ftw. 😀

Still in demand

Don’t worry! You’re still in demand.

And I quote Konata from a previous episode, “Flat chests are a status symbol!”.

Not really important characters – but we get the short debut of the dōjin shop lady and the future tsundere.

Lucky Star 17. Wrong! Next time: Lucky Star 17.... Oh wait.

Next time: Lucky Star 17. Wrong! Next time: Lucky Star 17…. Oh wait.

Last comment on Lucky Star for the day: Kyon and Yuki doing the episode preview was truely the best thing that happened in the Lucky Star previews since Keroro. Even though constant plugins are getting a little repetitive, this episode really got me fired up for Haruhi II! Besides the horribly hot weather that’s making uploading pics a pain…

2 thoughts on “HaruStar 16”

  1. XD @ the episode preview caption.

    About Kagami’s facepalm in the HaruCafe; makes me wonder if that was a Haruhi reference as well, with Kyon’s trademark “yare yare”. Lucky Star has made a conspiracy theorist out of me. >_>

    Funnily enough I liked this Haruhi reference more than the others mainly because it wasn’t 100% referencing for the sake of referencing; Konata’s voice switching was great, for one.

    But is it really necessary to get fired up for Haruhi II at this point? XD Any more fired up by the Haruhi fanbase and the internet might explode. In any case, as a Key fanboy, I do hope that the Clannad adaptation comes first, if only because it was, y’know, announced 3 months before.

    There are rumors of simultaneous airing and/or divided airing (Clannad -> Haruhi -> Clannad) floating about AnimeSuki, but those are 1) ridiculous and 2) off-topic. XD

  2. @CCYoshi: That was probably a Haruhi reference, same vibe.
    I never really bought the simultaneous airing and/or divided airing theories on AnimeSuki. For one thing, KyoAni has been known to work on one project at a time. I’m afraid that if they worked on both of them at the same time, the KyoAni-quality would drop somewhat…
    I’m hoping that Clannad comes first as well. Sure, I love Haruhi – but I already read a majority of the novels and I would like to see something new on the table. That, and it would spite some of the bad eggs out there…

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