Mononoke 02

This episode turned out to live up to the series being a horror anime. It was definately creepy – spirits of aborted babies, the history of the inn, not to mention the impied sex vision (o_O). This is where it starts to get some excitement, rather than “interesting enough to stick around”.

Definitely the most “recommended” anime out of the summer bunch.

… Yes, this was a rushed post.

2 thoughts on “Mononoke 02”

  1. Not as wonderful as the masterpiece known as the Bakeneko arc in Ayakashi, but still an amazingly excellent arc. It’s rather interesting how they managed to turn the meaning of zashiki-warashi upside down.

    I also wouldn’t describe it as being scary, per se, but it’s definitely the most suspenseful anime series out right now. While it could probably survive solely based on its technical merits alone (fucking brilliant sound, art, and overall direction), it tells subtle, genuinely human stories that don’t crap around with ridiculous melodrama like most anime do when attempting to garner an emotional response out of its audience.

    I will cry tears of blood if Mononoke isn’t licensed.

  2. @HellKorn: Agreed.
    But I think the only anime right now that has surpassed Mononoke in suspense is Shigurui, but that’s only due to its slow pacing.
    Most of the others aren’t interesting enough to actually blog episode-by-episode, blah. While I see Mononoke as a fantastic piece of *art*, I don’t see it as a masterpiece, but compared to other new anime borught to us – it IS a masterpiece. Fall season seems to be better in terms of entertainment (for me, at least). Shame that Mononoke seems to be underrated right now – I see little discussion of it, if not at all. o_O
    I really need to see Ayakashi. 😛

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