Lucky Star 18

Now THAT'S cute

Now that's even cuter. :P

To quote what a talented fellow artist told me: Tsukasa is obedient like a dog, but her sister is lonely like a bunny!

What is moe? Says Tsukasa. :3

Kona-chan, what does “moé” mean?

Does it not make you melt when you know who’s asking this particular question?

Anyway, I agree Konata. Anyone who knows the “true” meaning of “moé” is likely to be an otaku or the human confusing-Japanese-words almanac (which brings forth another question: Do almanacs really carry that kind of information?).


I was sort of amused when Konata said that boys have no shame going into the rain because they don’t have to worry about their shirts getting transparent and having their bras show. While I agree that is such a precise reasoning, I always figured that whenever we forgot our umbrellas, we either:

1) Refuse to wait and share an umbrella just because we didn’t bring one.
2) Refuse to share an umbrella with a female to avoid misunderstandings.
3) Refuse to share an umbrella with a guy because it’ll give people the impression that we’re pairing up.
4) We just don’t care about getting wet?

If you watched this scene and the words “SUPER ROBOT WARS DS” popped into your head, then congratulations. You’re a hardcore gamer. And an anime fan. A hardcore gamer and anime fan… Get some fresh air, man! (; Kidding, kidding.

Oi... You shouldn't look at your friends like that!

Other than Konata and Patty, we get another otaku (this time, a dojin artist): Hiyori. Unlike the way Konata shares her otakuism with others, Hiyori is a little… less open about it. This is noticeable when she gets all uneasy when they discover her sketchbook.

I find it funny how she sometimes imagines her friends in yuri-type situations. ^^;;

Such as this one. I have to admit, she draws pretty well. But if I were her friends (who were actually oblivious to the whole thing), I would feel pretty uncomfortable hanging out with her. ^^;;

By the way, I’m entranced at Yukata’s cuteness just as much as Tsukasa’s right now. Which reminds me, “Yukata’s” goes through the spellchecker and “Tsukasa’s” doesn’t? WHAT IS THIS?! _|ï¿£|â—‹

When the shit hits the fans.

When the shit hits the fans.

The dodge ball scene had me in stitches. I’m glad I haven’t encountered anyone who has an arm like that in real life.


Seriously speaking, I’ve had enough with people treating their seniors as if they were gods.

i like Misao. i like fang ppl.

I actually heard the above somewhere before. Made me laugh for some reason…

Anyway, 5 second rule at home = fine. 5 second rule on public floors = What? I agree with Misao all the way.

Seems like I’m at the point where I’m demanding a spin off of these first-year characters after CLANNAD and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya II have finished their run. I can see it now, they just seem so much like the next generation in my eyes.

Lastly, Shiraishi in a wedding dress. Campy dancing and singing parodies? Great. But I draw the line at crossdressing.

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  1. I’m a guy and I just don’t care lol, I used to walk through light drizzles to heavy storms to get home, plus I never liked carrying an umbrella. Something interesting is how the animal comparisons were actually stickers my brother got in Japan about two weeks before this episode aired. Btw, I have a fang moe thing too lol; did you notice Misao from Lucky Star and Kagura from Azumanga look and act a bit alike.

  2. @AS: Aside from the hair, I can’t really find any resemblances between the two (well, Lucky Star’s art style is leaning towords being “moé” more than Azumanga Daioh, so that may be the problem). Nice eyes, I’ve seen stickers that look like those animal too; maybe it’s another cultural reference.

  3. Wow, lots of screencaps. Thanks for that. I never really got around to watching Lucky Star, though… I guess I’m weird for not being able to sit through an episode of it. XD

    Buuut, it’s interesting to read entries about it, haha. And the wet-white-shirt thing is true, and I notice that most guys really do care less about getting wet than girls. Funny how they point out amusing things that are most probably true, haha. XD

  4. @Mintie: Nah, I haven’t been able to get around to watching some stuff I’ve heard about either. It’s actually a very good slice-of-life type of thing when you DO get around to it though… Pretty entertaining stuff. Plus you won’t have to go through a lot of melodrama like some anime makes you go through (which gets annoying at some point :P).

  5. Haha, yeah, the melodrama can get annoying after a while. And this show resembles Azumanga Daioh, so I’ll probably watch it some time. XD

  6. @Danny: Sort of missed your comment in the whole moderation pile, sorry ’bout that. Anyway, YES! This episode was filled with moé. And I have Yukata and Tsukasa to thank. <3 😛

  7. “P-plowed over by the girl who works in the nurse’s office.”
    I still don’t know whether she just throws that hard, or whether she was just REALLY pissed off at Hiyori at that point.

    Probably both.

    And Hiyori’s asides were priceless…

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