School Days 07

Some quick thoughts on the episode.

You know, it’s funny how Makoto suddenly starts to realize that ignoring Kotonoha is wrong after he sees her drenched clothes showing her boobs. Sure, showing some guilt after doing what he’s done would have knocked some points out of my hate-meter for him, but he never once mentions feeling bad for her until he saw the goldmine.

… Okay, maybe I’m being too hard on him, I guess I should knock some points off just for him actually showing guilt. But it really seems like fake guilt just for him to get under Kotonoha’s skirt. Besides, he was willing to go on and have sex with Sekai after faking the headache so Kotonoha would leave. He’s still the two-timing jerk, and him prolonging his break-up with Kotonoha (which never happened) only made things worse.

Hehehehehe. I don’t mind. Taking care of Makoto is the only reason I have for living.(8

I can see the small signs of Kotonoha having a break down. What I don’t get is why she continues to deny that Makoto isn’t the nice guy that loves her like she thought he was. It seems like she really loves him, which is a big mistake. But I can’t really fault her for that because it seems like all the girls in this anime have very bad taste in guys (I know that this isn’t very credible seeing as this is coming from a guy, but I know most of the girls here will agree with me).

Seems she’s actually taken a little bit of action at the end giving Sekai a firm b@#c3$lap. ;P (Should’ve did that to Makoto though, he deserves it more.)

Next to Makoto, Taisuki’s getting to be one of my most hated male characters ever. The guy’s driven by hormones – he’s desperate. This is supported by the fact that he’s going after Kotonoha just after he heard that his best friend had broken up with her (which wasn’t really… true), which would mean he had his dirty eyes on her way before he had heard of it. I certainly wouldn’t want a friend who has his eyeballs on my girlfriend (and who I really suspect to have indecent thoughts about her)…

But what makes me hate him more is that he takes advantage of Kotonoha and rapes her at one point in the game. Yes, Makoto made friends with a rapist – I’m not surprised. I’m hoping that this won’t happen in the anime seeing as it would imply that the path won’t lead to Makoto dying anymore (that, and I feel sort of sorry for Kotonoha).

… Well, at least he played a role.

Oh, quit your crying. You hooked them up in the first place and then you ruin it. If you wanted to be with the jacka** so badly, then you shouldn’t have set them up in the first place and given him your body right there and then (I bet he would’ve liked that…). But I guess then, the story wouldn’t really be interesting.

She’s lucky that Kotonoha didn’t go “WHOEVER STEALS MAKOTO-KUN AWAY FROM ME DESERVES TO DIE” on her Kaede-style. Instead, she’s given a loud slap.

And Setsuna… Wow, she’s forceful. ^^;; But I guess she meant well, even though it sort of made things worse.

4 thoughts on “School Days 07”

  1. I didn’t know about the rape, hope that doesn’t happen. But its great we finally see a well deserved b*#%@ slap, huzzah. Death to all except possibly Katsura.

  2. @AS: Well, all three of the bad endings have one character die in each… Let’s hope the anime comes up with an original one so all justice could be served.

  3. I actually think that Taisuki will hook up with the girl that wants him. I don’t think that anyone would die in the end. It may sound a bit sadistic but I want one of the bad endings. Just don’t think that it will happen in anime.
    btw is Makoto really this cute? He got three girls that like him. I think anime disregaring other possibilities. For example if I were Kotonoha I would be seeing another guy by now:)

  4. @hackz0r: Eh, I guess he’s supposed to be. Personally, I don’t think he looks any different from a background-filler-boy…

    The anime seems to be going in a twisted route, so it’s not entirely impossible that they’d go with a bad ending. That would garner a lot of success just for being one of the first notable h-game anime adaptions that DON’T end with a fluffy ending. Besides, if they go with a good ending, then they’d have to pull a DEM which is generally… bad.

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