Lucky Star 19

Hiyori is awesome (the cosplay pic reminds me of something; we need another Fullmetal Alchemist anime: this time one that follows the manga all the way until the end).

If you watched the episode closely, interestingly, there’s some neat stuff that happens when Kuroi-sensei is punching Konata, here and here. I guess KyoAni wanted to throw those in for the viewers who have good eyes. ^^;;

Why, look what we have here… I spot Ju-on: The Grudge. :O Much scarier than its American remake, The Grudge (no, seriously. Was anyone actually scared of The Grudge?).

Like Tsukasa, I don’t really do scary movies at night… but do them anyway. ^^;;

I find it amusing that Konata points out that being clumsy is cute in anime/manga, but is irritating in real life… when they are in an anime/manga. Kagami acting out the part was totally funny.

By the way, I got an animated gif of this scene from the imageboard. (;

There has been some speculation of who Tsukasa was so eager to get a reply from while texting on her cellphone. Some people say it’s Shiraishi. NO! JUST NO!

Another morning at the Hidamari apartments… Oh wait, wrong anime. (;

Hiyori shows more of her awesomeness when avoiding the falling impact on her drawing hand (of course, she sacrificed her back…). I’ve heard of “dying for your art”, but she takes it to a whole another level (I mean, she just tripped. Just imagine if it were a life and death situation… Hmm…).

The cars below are getting a pretty good view, huh? (;

This would’ve flew right passed my head if it wasn’t for AnimeSuki.

Wow, the way Konata’s dad reacted, I thought Konata was running around naked or something at first. o_O;

Gyakuten Saiban 4 / Ace Attorney 4 reference! More proof of Hirori’s awesomeness.

Akira sending Shiraishi off to die in the forests near Fuji… harsh…

“What is yaoi?”

Aw man… Yukata’s DEFINITELY one of the most cutest characters in Lucky Star, next to Tsukasa.

Yeah, this episode was great as usual. I like it how recently the anime has split screentime from the main group and Yukata’s friends (who are dying for a spinoff).

9 thoughts on “Lucky Star 19”

  1. @Mintie: Yup. Fullmetal Alchemist looks awesome in that style. xD Remember, people trying to imitate Ed’s hair (unless they have it naturally…) do it great mostly in anime. ^^;;

  2. I agree, it was nice to see the rest of the cast get some screentime. If only they had brought them in from the beginning…

    If it really is Shiraishi’s message that Tsukasa is waiting for, well, that would only serve to add to his awesomeness. Perhaps he can capture Kagami’s heart as well and have some twin action. Given his apparent masochistic tendencies, he would probably get along with her pretty well. 😉

    BTW, loved the Hidamari Sketch reference.

  3. @0rion: lol Masochistic tendencies. But twin action + Shiraishi = do not want. 😛 Probably best to have twin action and leave it at that. 😉

  4. Lol, incredible that you got those screen shots of Kuroi sensei pummeling Konata, I tried a few times to see what they were then just gave up, now I know what it is so thanks. “What is Yaoi?” lol, hoping for more awkward questions like that…already seen the chin chin one ;p.

  5. @AS: Wasn’t really hard for me to get those screencaps… Just needed to get the timing right.
    @Kala: Yeah, although I really like it when they just go about their daily business without being drowned in references, but meh. 😛

  6. lol my fav part in this ep was when the fma cosplayer walked past, I’m sure you all recognized it and went “zomg fma” as soon as the cape flashed by

  7. *nosebleed* FMA cosplay…. that’s priceless ^_^ I need to catch up on this series; I’m about 5 episodes behind >_>

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