Shakugan no SHANA II – Comiket Trailer

… And the DVD for the movie.

Since the original series stopped at around novel 8, Shana II will definitely take place after that. Haven’t read that far into the novels, so this’ll all be new to me.

Now I really can’t wait for Shana II! It’s probably the anime I’m looking forward to the most this fall. Perhaps it’s the only reason I’m trying to stay not dead in 2007…

And there I go, jinxing it. ^^;; Here’s to hoping to see more of our favorite loli, who’s literally “HOT” with FLAMING HAIR AND BLAZING EYES. 😉

6 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II – Comiket Trailer”

  1. I’m going to guess that Shana II isn’t exactly going to be noob-friendly? Would like to try the Shana series before I buy but if I end up burying myself head-deep in spoilers and plot from the first series I think it might not be such a good idea. XD

  2. @CCYoshi: If you’re not keen on buying the whole original series from the get-go, then your best bet is to watch the movie (which is basically a remake of the events from the first arc of the anime) which would probably be subbed at the same time as Shana II. Though, the first series is still *there* on IRC if you want to watch the first series and if you’re not sure if you should buy the whole set of R1 DVDs. Least recommended place would be YouTube, but you’d probably have to marathon it fast before it gets deleted.

    So basically, yes. It would probably not be newb-friendly. Spoilers ahoy.

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