2007 Autumn Anime

As I noticed that school is approaching, so is September – the month where the leaves turn red and start to fall, which also means autumn is approaching. I already have my eyes on some of the upcoming shows which I’ll definitely watch, most probably know which one I’m looking forward to the most (hint: above).

Notable series that I’ll watch – after the jump.

Updated list can be found on moetron ☆萌えトロン.

CLANNAD (Air date: October 4th)

Kyoto Animation does another Key visual novel adaption, all of which I liked. Ever since Haruhi II was announced, there was speculation on whether not they would push CLANNAD’s air date to 2008, air them together, or just air CLANNAD first. Pushing CLANNAD into 2008 really didn’t make any sense to me because they already had promos for it – and to air Haruhi, which didn’t have any promotional material at all beside a school “vandalism”, instead of CLANNAD just didn’t seem right to me. They couldn’t air them together either because KyoAni is known for working on one project at a time, and for them to work on both of them at the same time would downgrade their quality.

And would you look at that? I was right! Go ahead and shoot me, Haruiists. You’re only killing your own kind. Personally, I look forward to playing the visual novel English fan patches.

Here’s a PV from TBS Anime Festa. I still can’t stop listening to the music. ^^;;

Kodomo no Jikan (Air date: September 12th)

People should know about this one by now, am anime adaption of the infamous manga that “caters to the lolicons”. I think the opposite though – it pokes fun at the fantasies of lolicons rather than cater to them. What I like about this title is that the teacher, Daisuke Aoki, is basically just a normal person, not reciprocating (a third grader) Rin’s advances and refuses to in order to keep his job. So it’s actually pretty funny, in a sick sort of way.

Genshiken II (Air date: October ??)

Okay, I admit – I never actually finished this series. I was cut off at episode 6, right when it was licensed and never got around to buying the R1 release. But nonetheless, it was awesome. I’ll watch this regardless of the high probability of me being clueless about some stuff.

Myself;Yourself (Air date: October ??)

From what I gather, it’s based on a visual novel for the PS2 (which hasn’t been released yet, so it’ll basically air before its source material…) and it seems to have a tad bit of romance in it. It’s about a boy (Hidaka Sana) who returns to his childhood town after 5 years and meets an old friend and his childhood love during highschool… So yeah, me being me, it’s natural that this would be on my list.

Prism Ark (Air date: October ??)

Eh, what I know about this one right now is that it’s based on an eroge, and from what I hear – a very good one at that.

Here’s some background info taken from the thread on AnimeSuki:
The world of Prism Ark takes place in the equivalent of our world’s Crusade era in Western Europe. The geography is a little changed and there are stuff like magic and dragons.

The main players are Wind Land, Viella, and the Sablum Empire. Viella of Victaly is equal to Rome of Italy, and the Sablum Empire is equal to the Byzantine Empire. Sabus is the god of Islam and Rerihion is the god of Christianity. Like our world’s Christianity, Viella serves as the headquarters of the Pope and believers of Rerihion.

Wind Land is where the Holy Roman Empire would be. In Wind Land, it is always spring, and the greeting is “Good wind” instead of “Good morning”.

Prior to the events that begin in Prism Ark, Viella has already called several crusades in the name of Rerihion to reclaim the Holy Land. However this was completely stopped after awhile and Rerihion and Sabus believers lived in peace and harmony from that day.

The game begins with the King and Queen making a journey to Viella to get their one year daughter, the Princess of Wind Land, baptized. However, their escort was suddenly attacked by the Sablum Empire, who were supposed to be their good allies. At this battle was the first appearance of the Angels, a imposing being with wings and halo, whose height easily doubled men’s, and came wielding never before seen power.

Afterwards, the King, the Queen, and the Princess were all missing and were assumed either killed from the ambush, or in hiding. Outraged, the Pope immediately re-established the Crusades and ordered one to invade Sablum. From then on, Wind Land and the Sablum Empire were in war. However, this war has not ended years after years and continues on to this day, and still, there are no King or Queen ruling Wind Land…

Finally getting the acceptance notice, Hyaweh travels to the Isle of Rozenberg, which is holded by the Rozenberg Family, the most powerful family in Wind Land, second to the absence Royal Family. In there is the best school for knights wannabes, privately funded by Duke Kizarov Rozenberg, the number one Knight in Wind Land.

However, as it turns out, Hyaweh is actually two whole weeks late and from there on spirals his wacky journey to knighthood in the midst of a devastating war taking place, which will hit home closer than what anyone could’ve imagined.

Shugo Chara! (Air date: October 6th)

This one’s based on a shoujo manga that I never got around to reading. ^^;; An anime adaption is coming out, so why not?

Sketchbook ~full color’s~ (???)

Doesn’t look as cute as Hidamari Sketch, but it looks good.

Speaking of Hidamari Sketch, two specials are gonna air on BS-i some time on October. Can’t wait!

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  1. Once I get that translated, I’ll decide if I should leave it up or not…

    EDIT: Deleted.

  2. all I have to say is that an anime based on an eroge about the Crusades sounds completely awesome and I am very much looking forward to this

  3. Spanish comment looks kinda spammy to me, but then, my Spanish isn’t that great.

    Glad to see that you’ve the got the best two shows at the top of your list. Not a Gundam fan, though?

  4. @0rion: I am, but not a very big one. Certainly haven’t watched many Gundam series compared to other people. ^^;; Whether or not I watch 00 depends…

  5. @abaraitousen’s commentary – It is somewhat spammy… basically, he’s saying that he likes your blog, that he likes the ecchi genre and something about uploading that kind of shows into your blog so everyon can download them.

    Looking forward to Prism Ark too, the concept sounds interesting.

  6. @Mari: Eh, thanks for explanation on abaraitousen’s comment. Sort of got that impression when shoving it onto Google (which translates it out in very bad English… but that’s my fault for not being fluent in Spanish, I guess. (;)
    Yeah, Prism Ark sounds very interesting.

  7. I’m an evil, pseudo-elitist heretic, so the only anime that interests me this fall season is Ghost Hound, and maybe Madhouse’s Neuro adaption (haven’t read it, but the art looks beautifully insane, especially for a shounen manga)… And perhaps Mokke, which is supposed to be some kind of moe version of Mushi-shi.

    Only having three shows is fine by me. I need to concentrate on school, anyway, not to mention that I’m going to be watching Fighting Spirit and Nadia when the collections come out in October and November, respectively.

  8. @HellKorn: Ghost Hound looks pretty cool, I may watch it because Production I.G. is animating it. I really loved how they did Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, xxxHOliC, and Immortal Grand Prix 2.

  9. Wooot, Genshiken II. I really started enjoying the series with the special episodes…probably because of Oguie lol, can’t wait for more of her. Clannad and Jikan sounds interesting and something I wouldn’t mind reviewing based on your description.

  10. This gundam serie is the best. I can’t forget my first time watching Gundam Wing then know about japan mobile gundam. Hope to possess a lot more wonderful gundam serie in the future

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