Mononoke 04

What is it that you fear the most? Truth or lie, it will continue to torment you…

Looks like the Medicine Seller did make himself look like a suspect for his own amusement. A light subject that was brought up by Kayo; which “side” is the Medicine Seller on? In my opinion, even if he doesn’t even save a single life when slaying spirits, his ultimate goal is to slay spirits (which he would accomplish). Doesn’t really make him an enemy just because he didn’t save anyone in the end. As I suspected, one of the monks changed their course (because I was thinking outside the box (;).

The symbolism in what illusion the umizatou gave each of the characters was probably the most impressive thing that was presented in this episode. All the characters (even the Medicine Seller himself) were shown an illusion when answering their fears, all except the two monks. From what I gather, the “fears” that all the others held were either abstract or just weren’t present at the moment. The umizatou didn’t have to show Sougen his “greatest fear” Genkei because he was already there, and them being in the Ayakashi Sea, the utsurobune was sort of already present due to it being in the Ayakashi Sea.

Looks like we see the spirit of Genkei’s sister in the next episode (and looking at the preview in the ED theme, Genkei doesn’t exactly *enjoy* it).

2 thoughts on “Mononoke 04”

  1. Man, the premise of this show is really cool, but I just cannot get used to the art and animation style.

    Like a bad acid trip, man. Baaaad trip. >_<

  2. @0rion: I dunno. I got used to the art shortly within the first episode. In my opinion, it really fits with the show. 🙂

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