Lucky Star 20

It’s not a Haruhi infomercial – it’s a FOOD infomercial.


(Haruhi says it turns your B-cup into an F-cup. SO BUY NOW!)

Tsukasa wants some too.

ZOMG LUCKY STAR IS REAL! It’s funny how I can relate so much to this show. I mean, similiar to Tsukasa, I’m always tempted to want to eat some great looking food on Food Network…

… But like Konata said in this episode, usually the food we see in those shows are specialties from places that are too far from our grasp. Like the Habanero Burger (The World’s “Hottest Burger”) in the old famous Prince O’ Whales at San Mateo, where you sign a release form in order to order one and then get a bumper sticker saying you “survived” it after you’re done (because it’s THAT hot). And you know what? Now that whole ordeal is GONE… ):

… Err, back on topic: Lucky Star.

Konata has a good point there: Dating sims wouldn’t be dating sims if most of the girls have boyfriends. I found it amusing that she basically answered the long-lived question on why the Lucky Star girls don’t have boyfriends though, it wouldn’t be much of an anime if they did. ^^;;

It seems a friend from middle school has a boyfriend and she asked me what gift she should get for his birthday. But I had no idea…

And it looks like they never had one. 😛

… Or will if all their parents act up like THIS. ;P

Otaku say they’re interested in girls that have the same interest as them on message boards, despite the fact that it seems female otaku never say the same things about them.

I bet all the male otaku that heard this while watching this episode felt pretty degraded. :laugh: Don’t worry, you’ll find love… someday.

Luring mosquitoes in, flexing your muscles, and making mosquitoes explode due to the amount of blood they’re taking in? I’ll pass. I basically do the same thing as Yutaka (so cute…) when mosquitoes get on me, move my arms around or try blowing them away. If that doesn’t work, then I go the manly way – smashing them between the wall and my arm. Of course, then I’d have to wash away all the disgusting guts that would be left behind, which kills the whole purpose of not wanting to slap them in the first place.

Seeing the cast in yukata again was a real treat too. Of course, these sort of festivals that take place at night always come with a cost, being preyed on by mosquitoes. (;

This was a cute scene, Yukata resting on Minami’s lap. ^^;; To those who think that the relationship that Yukata and Minami share will eventually lead to shoujo-ai, I fortunately don’t share that opinion. Being Asian myself, seeing this kind of close relationship between girls is pretty normal for me.

“白石君…? 白石君!”

Ono Daisuke, FTW! 😛 Akira sure gets a lot of animated voice actors for assistants.

Speaking of seiyuu… Anyone else share my opinion that Misao has one of the best sounding voices in the show? One thing I like about Lucky Star: the voice cast. A pretty amazing selection.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Star 20”

  1. I love Misao’s voice, its kind of high and squeaky yet a bit tomboyish like her character, they find a very good match. I don’t mind doing the whole slap, squish, ewww thing with mosquitoes as long as I can immediately wash my hands…never know whose blood they drank; Yutaka’s way is pretty cute though and fits her nicely.

  2. @AS: I never slap them dead, maybe brushing them off my arm or something, but I never felt like slapping them. Yukata’s way is da bomb just because. 😛
    @BrikHaus: lol That’s pretty amazing considering it was only a really brief cameo.

  3. I definitely agree that Misao’s voice is great. Kinda funky and different, Kansai-ben but not quite.

    Really, I think all the characters are really well cast, and all the voice acting is top notch. It certainly adds a lot to the enjoyment of the show.

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