Wow, I haven’t updated in like… forever.

WOW… I apparently took “cutting down posting everyday because school’s begun” seriously since the last post. And by seriously, I mean I haven’t posted… at all ( ^^;; ).

I haven’t lost interest in anime. I just haven’t watched much recently (Okay, I think I just sounded retarded right now…). I’ve been watching more JDrama, HKDrama, and KDrama more than anime lately (I’ve also sharpened up on my Kamen Rider fix!) and of course, along with the good ol’ school stuff; getting pissed off at people abusing the word “emo” and doing schoolwork. Okay, maybe not that much schoolwork and more of using the “sit there and do nothing but stare at an empty wall-time” to obsess over a girl I’ve been obsessing over for the past 5 years (It’s all healthy, okay?!). I’ve been doing that during the summer too, but for some strange reason I found time to watch anime during that long period. Maybe because I haven’t actually SEEN her in a while, ya’ know? (;

Well, I’m just posting to tell you all that I’m still alive and kicking, and I’m back to watching some more anime. =D I’ll probably make the usual (or was usual) anime post tomorrow. I wanted to ma[ke one today, but I really do have a stuffy nose right now (why do they make us swim when some of autumn’s cold weather is starting to hit?!). Ugh.

6 thoughts on “Wow, I haven’t updated in like… forever.”

  1. Welcome back, missed ya lol. I think obsession is ok as long as you don’t start stalking or doing other weird stuff that might land you in jail, I obsessed before and acted on it only to get rejected lol…got over it though. They make you swim in school huh, good thing I never had to lol…not to say that I’m a bad swimmer.

  2. @Orion: Hmm, maybe I will in my next post. 😉
    @AS: lol No stalking… at least, no illegal stalking that would harm myself and her. 😛 Besides, she knows I like her.

    It’s funny though, after Day 1 and you forget your swimming clothes, they make you jump in with any clothes you have on (unless you have a note or something). lol

  3. I find that posting can get tiresome at times, when you haven’t posted for a week you think to yourself “I have to post now,” I generally post whenever I feel like it but during the busy times it creates big gaps in my posting lol, I guess you have a similar habit.

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