Lucky Star 21

Sort of behind… I believe the series already ended. Got to catch up before they sub episode 24! It’s nice to know some people follow a.f.k rather than Guerrand, who are more behind than me. Makes me feel a tad more mighty… and less behind. (; I haven’t downloaded a RAW for this episode, but rather a fansub this time. So expect fansub screenshots.

This episode focuses on the girls’ trip to Kyoto, which gave me the same sort of vibe as that beach episode (and I REALLY enjoyed the beach episode). Even though I really enjoyed this episode… am I the only who noticed that the character proportions were slightly off towards the beginning. Of course, it stopped somewhere halfway, especially during the scene I captioned above (Awww, Kagami thought she was getting a date… with an old-looking kid (;).

Konata knows what her Kagamin is feeling! ;p

Hmm, hinted Kagami x Konata in this episode? KyoAni is too nice to the fans!

They almost spelled Kagami’s name in English wrong. xD

This sure is cute. Tsukasa gets frightened at the thought of Comiket. Traumatized by her first and last experience, I see? (;

Shiraishi gets more spotlight than usual in this episode. He contributed more epicness to the episode with his bus run… And going crazy during Lucky Channel and trying to kill Akira. Priceless.

Last, but not least, one of the things that caught my eye in this episode was a reference to a familiar little something (to most of you) that’s actually THERE in real life.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star 21”

  1. This was an excellent episode, Minoru going berserk was, in my opinion, the best Lucky Channel. In slice of life animes focusing on girls, the girls should never get boyfriends for it ruins the whole atmosphere, they mentioned it once in Lucky Star. I hope I don’t get traumatized by going to my first Comiket lol.

  2. @AS: I agree, I saw some sort of rejection coming when she got that note. 😛 I couldn’t fully enjoy the episode since I felt really exhausted, but Lucky Channel seemed to wake me up. xD Go Minoru~!

  3. That was such a great episode. Everything from the Ginkakuji visit to the KyoAni pilgrimage to Shiraishi just pwning the Lucky Channel set – it was all pure win.

    And of course KyoAni’s nod to the fans with the “Konata is my wife” was pretty cool as well.

    Glad to see you’re still keeping up with the show. I’ll tell you right now the last three episode are all pretty awesome, as well. 😀

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