Seems like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai ni episode 12 was cancelled from broadcast. From what I hear, it may either be completely taken off the air and be released on DVD, or it was just this one episode only.

All because of a little girl that was running around in a murderous rampage with an ax… Killer lolis got canceled because of a killer loli?

2 thoughts on “WTF MAN.”

  1. a little slow there, ep 12 wasn’t totaly canceled (because of the ax incident it was only delayed) and eventually it was aired, as 13 also. but now many stations have banned the show (except one maybe not sure).

  2. Be glad you stopped following School Days so closely then, since the same fate happened to it; the final episode was delayed for about a week.

    And somehow there have been a total of 3 ax-ings in Japan over the last few weeks or so, so they’re probably getting a bit paranoid up there. (Pah, they should try living in America. We laugh at yer paltry violence count)

    Also, still need to watch Higurashi first season. >_> Except Geneon, who licensed it, is going down….gah.

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