Shakugan no SHANA II – 01

Time to officially “restart” blogging with Shana. [/lol]


“Joint” by Mami Kawada [watch]


“triangle” by Mami Kawada [watch]

Both songs rock, in my opinion. The opening was very upbeat and got me absolutely excited about watching it. [/opinionshouldnotbetakenseriouslycausehe’sanI’veSoundsfanboy]

The first episode of the second series starts off with the familiar narrative dialogue we’ve heard before in the beginning of the first episode of the original series, along with strange reappearances of Guze no Tomogara, that were already killed, in the same manner that they first appeared, with only Yuji noticing the strange déjà vu around him. Turns out he was stuck in a transient dream caused by a mysterious, and apparently “weak” Tomogara. Shana seemingly kills her at the end of the episode. Seems like Yuji forgot what Shana said back at the Seirei-den. 😉 (“I love you Yuji“) C’mon Yuji! You’re one of the more competent characters that’s voiced by Satoshi Hino! It’s pretty hilarious how you’re that oblivious to what’s obviously going on right in front of your eyes.

Anyways, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t all that exciting apart from (sadly) the opening/ending and Shana’s “URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!”. Unfortunately, the animaton wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. Seems like it’ll pick up during the next episode though (the background music for the preview rocks my socks). (:

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  1. Orion: Agreed. The new eyecatch just doesn’t give me the same vibe as the old one (the background music was better than the new one for one, in my opinion)..
    AS: I’m surprised that they didn’t reuse some old scenes. Props to J.C.Staff for reanimating them!

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