CLANNAD 01 – [Somewhat] Quick Thoughts

It was everything I expected it to be.

(Except for the fullscreen… WHY THE FULLSCREEN? The animation was great and all, coming from KyoAni, but the episode being shown in fullscreen killed some of the viewing pleasure for me)

Moving on from the nitpicking on the aspect ratio, the first episode introduces some pretty interesting characters (especially Nagisa’s dad, what a nut. Actually, her mom’s a nut too. Scratch that, her whole family’s nuts. No, wait a minute, almost every visual novel has several nutty characters. – but that’s why I love them. (; Though, can’t blame Tomoya for not wanting to be involved with them :P). As with AIR and Kanon, the way some of the scenes play out in symbolic undertones makes me very excited to watch the rest of the series to get what exactly is going on and how they’ll handle the characters. Hmm, back to the subject of nuts, did anyone else think that Kyou’s laugh sounds oddly familiar? Also, I wouldn’t want to get on her nerves alone in the back alley. Her, and Tomoyo (her kicks are kick a machine gun!).

As I expected, both the opening and ending were great. The opening was beautiful and the ending has to be one of the most cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Can’t wait to see what going on here.

4 thoughts on “CLANNAD 01 – [Somewhat] Quick Thoughts”

  1. So, what’s so bad about having a fullscreen resolution vs. the widescreen one? I’ve seen this complaint on a lot of blogs and have been mystified. I think it’s a good thing that all the space is being used on my screen, but I’m not familiar with how this does/does not mess with the picture quality and whatnot.

    Also, Nagisa is so an Ayu / Shiori combo in that last picture. XD For some reason some of the Key characters from game to game really look a lot like each other (take Kyou’s little sister, or Nagisa’s mom for example)…sometimes personality-wise as well.

  2. The ending of the first episode is obvious.. Nagisa is practicing to revive the drama club after the moral boost from Tomoya.

  3. @CCYoshi

    The original widescreen video has to be cropped on the sides to become fullscreen resolution (4/3), so you miss some details.

    Some examples:
    Compare this picture (from the Invitation DVD, in widescreen) with this one (from the TV episode 1, in fullscreen). Or this picture (widescreen) and the second one of this post.

  4. @CCYoshi: Yeah, in fullscreen they have to chop out a part of the picture in order for it to fit.

    lol Nice observation there. She does look a bit like Ayu in that scene. Her clothes looks a lot like what Shiori wore.

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