Shakugan no SHANA II – 02

And Yuji’s constipated face looked so DRAMATIC in the preview… lol.

Shana made a bento for Yuji filled with melonpan.

(Holy crap… no wonder he passed out! It’s funny how Shana blamed Yoshida’s bento for it. 😛 Though, eating both bento at the same time might of helped in getting him sick – but I don’t think anyone can eat that much melonpan in one go)

This is the reason why I’ll be a cooking husband and put metal bars around the kitchen. Not that I have a problem with melonpan. 😉

Poor Wilhelmina, so stuck on Shana asking Chigusa to help her to cook (and her cooking in general) that she almost kills Yuji. ):

… Wait, should I say “poor Yuji“?

Um, speaking of the training, Alastor says something about Yuji still not being able to summon a Fuzetsu. Maybe AS was on to something about Yuji being able to summon one this season just as he did in the movie.

By the way, is anyone else getting the Final Fantasy vibe from the new eyecatch? I guess it’s the music.

Now, I’m really convinced that Shana II is going to mix the PS2/DS game storyline with the novel’s storyline (with the Mystes and the Tomogara from the game and all). I wonder how this will turn out…

Well, they do have the opportunity to insert things that they removed from the first series in these (somewhat “filler”, I guess) episodes with the PS2/DS characters.

Wow. Dream come true! I bet loads of people would give to pinch Shana’s cheeks… and then get a firm beating by the little flame-haired tsundere, which I expected Yuji to get alot more of.

(Although, somehow, I guess Shana enjoyed it deep down.)

Just so you know, I think that there is a huge possibility that this may not be Hecate.

Schoolgirl Hecate is just too good to be true.

That, and she doesn’t exist in the novels.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

6 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II – 02”

  1. I would eat that much melon pan for Shana, screw Yoshida’s club sandwiches lol. I too will probably do some of the cooking in the house, though it will depend on my better half lol (Of course I mean a woman ^^).

  2. sry..i only started watching from episode 12,season 2…was hecate oruginally a real human(mytes)?who is she really?

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