“Artwork” isn’t perfect

So, I get a surprising email saying someone commented on my rant about obsessive and ignorant Narutards on my old Blogger blog (what’s most surprising about it, actually, is that I have no idea why that ghost blog still gets hits).

Here’s what he/she had to say:

Wow. I have never seen such interesting dialogue about naruto ever. Well, I have got to say that you guys are taking this stuff way too seriously. The whole point of anime is as a form of entertainment and not argument. Anime are works of art and I have to agree with you guys and say that people just like to take advantage. I have not read a single comment from a narutard yet. Have you heard their side of the story. I sure you haven’t. Some people just don’t know any better.Darren, yes it does take diligence. The whole story is fantastic. The plot is interesting and the action is top notch. Naruto is a work of art.


What really caught my attention was him/her trying to make a point that we must constantly praise the anime we watch and not critique or start some form of debate on the net with other fans in the community. The reason I like being an anime fan and blogging about it so much is because I get to form my own opinion about a show and share them with other people, whether they agree with it or not. Yes, feel free to start an argument on any opinion I have. That’s part of the beauty of having opinions.

Of course, I back up my opinions with reasons I feel are necessary for me to have formed those opinions on a particular subject. Anime is a work of art? Oh please, that isn’t a good reason not to critique a show or it’s fans. Art isn’t about sitting down and blindly praising it – it’s about expressing yourself. And I’m just expressing myself, stating my opinions where I want to express them (right now, I believe a opinion is an artwork in itself) – on my anime blog. People may critique and start an argument. I don’t care. It’s just boring to go on an online community and seeing people go on other peoples’ case for going against their constant praising of a show. It’s my blog, I have the right to write what the hell I want and people may point out my mistakes and critique all they want. Because that’s how most humans grow – learning from their mistakes.

What angers me the most is when people indirectly tell me to “Praise this show or shut the f**k up”.

“The whole story is fantastic. The plot is interesting and the action is top notch. Naruto is a work of art.”

This is what I’m talking about. Blindly praising a show like that when you can’t back up your own opinions – that just sickens me. Same goes for the other way around, blindly attacking a show or its fans without backing up your opinions. If a show is very bad, just admit you just enjoy a very bad show – just because you like it doesn’t mean it has a fantastic story, characters, etc.

“I have not read a single comment from a narutard yet. Have you heard their side of the story.”

Yes. Too much, in fact.

8 thoughts on ““Artwork” isn’t perfect”

  1. it is embarrassing to watch or talk about Naruto beyond the maximum age of 17 period.

    There’s a reason why narutard has -tard as a suffix.

  2. I kind of agree with anon on one thing – I’ve read reviews or things on fansites where it seems to me that people are taking the show too seriously and analyze the crap out of it. Like Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    But mindless praise is not worth anything and that’s one thing that annoys me about the fandom in general.

  3. Just because someone is a fan of Naruto or likes the anime/manga doesn’t make them a tard. Otherwise I have a list of LUcky Star-tards and ef-tards and sola-tards I can list.

    Unfortunately most Naruto fans ARE tards because a lot of them are under the age of 15 and have no concept of anything in life and act like the idiotic teenagers that they are…who HAPPEN to incorporate Naruto into their idiotic lives.

    All it does is make the older Naruto fans like us look bad which is unfortunate but unavoidable. Again, you don’t have to like Naruto, nor will I say it’s the best thing ever, but eh don’t knock it because its fandom sucks. Although I can agree that the Naruto fandom crowd has ruined a few things for me. Critiquing Naruto fans as a whole is dumb though, because there is a small percent of us who actually have a brain in our heads 🙂

  4. @dKiWi:Um, that’s a little harsh, dude. Even though I’m not that fond of Naruto anymore, people of all ages should have the freedom to watch the show without being bigoted for being immature… I wouldn’t like that unless they WERE immature.
    @griever: Agreed. Even though, in my opinion, Naruto has some pretty crappy flaws, it annoys me how some people (a.k.a The “Better-Than-You” Elitist) bashes the crap out of the show and, along with the person whose saying they like it and it’s their favorite, just for saying it’s their favorite. That’s taking it a little too seriously.
    Hinano: lol I’d never put Naruto down because of the fans, but I would put it down because of its flaws (although the fans sort of adds to it). Seems that the Bleach/Death Note/Naruto fandoms are quite similar (although, from the looks of it, they’re the same exact people… lol), plagued by stupid and overshadows the intelligent. I know a few very intelligent Naruto fans, one of which enjoys poking fun at some of the questionable stuff and flaws of the show. Shame a lot of shounen fandoms are overran by [immature] teenagers.

    also off topic: hinano on my blog??!!!??111 lolz

  5. Don’t forget the Haruhi-tards (I’m one).

    Haha! But I get teh point. Extremism is bad in all forms. So I’ll cut the Naruto fans some slack ya?

    However, I still maintain that it is embarrassing to see Narutards talking abt their hobby in the public, and incredibly embarrassing to engage in a conversation with a Narutard. Especially the former, which can drive a veteran otaku insane. Or start up huge rant-style blogposts.

    Too bad coz we’re now living in a huge digital divide where most people either:

    1. Knows how to use technology, but doesn’t understand it (leading to proliferation of Friendster and Facebook much to the glee of Identity Thieves)
    2. Have huge knowledge gaps about the true nature of a certain media (in this case anime) due to this misunderstanding

    All Shounen anime are intended for audiences 15 and below. I wish all the anime fans would not try to run away from this fact as it is fact. Its already stated inside the front cover of Viz’s Hikaru no Go that it originated from a series of short stories for the under 15 category.

  6. I noe most of us grew up thinking all anime was Shounen due to lousy licensing patterns of local companies. Like what my friend said “anime always the last moment then the guy will power up wad!” But that’s only the case, unfortunately, for unrealistic Shounen action anime. I’ve shunned most Shounen anime already anyway, except some “older Shounen” and harems that fall just under Seinen like Ninomiya-kun and Blue Drop. Or fanservice anime which doesn’t really need a demographic indicator to be enjoyed 🙂

  7. Hey there ^^, fellow blogger here lol. It’s true that we blog to express our own opinions, even if the general population might be against it, and do it because we want to. If I felt like it, I could blog about the worst anime in the world in my opinion but is considered the best to someone else, but thats just a waste of time. We generally blog what we think is good or interesting to let others know about it. If they feel that its sh%# then its sh%# to them, whatever…if you want to bash about it then go right ahead. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Btw, I watch Naruto but I’m no Narutard lol, just something to watch and read when the weekend comes ^^. I thought it was pretty good until everyone else started thinking the same way, especially after it was shown dubbed in America.

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