A Big Dango Family

A Big Dango Family

Whenever we find ourselves finishing an episode of CLANNAD, we find ourselves treated to a really cute ending song – だんご大家族 (Dango Daikazoku). For me, I’m always treated to some tears for some reason after listening to it.

I find it kind of strange actually. Despite it being a very happy and calm song, it just seems to have a sad feeling to it in order for me to get a little teary-eyed. I know it’s NOT supposed to be a sad song, but I just can’t help myself (;_;).

Then I realized, it’s not the song – it’s the series. The only reason it gave off that sad feeling is because it’s a happy ending song for a potentially sad series, with all that drama the main character, Tomoya, is facing (with his mother dying and his alcoholic dad and all). Either that or I’m just a big softy deep inside…

Nice job, Kyoto Animation and Key Visual Arts. You created yet another series that touched my heart emotionally… and this is just the ending song!

Lyrics (romajii):

Dango Dango Dango Dango
Dango Daikazoku
Yancha na yaki-dango, Yasashii an-dango
Minna, minna, awasete hyakunin kazoku
aka-chan dango ha itsumo shiawase no naka de
toshiyori dango ha me wo hosometeru
nakayoshi dango te wo tsunagi ooki na marui wa ni naru yo
machi wo tsukuri dango hoshi no ue minna de waraiau yo
usagi mo sora de te wo futte miteru dekkai otsuki-sama
ureshii koto kanashii koto mo zenbu marumete

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  1. I personally find the ED to be touching in a different way – it’s not sad, but rather pure. It gives off an innocent and simple feeling (possibly a reflection of Nagisa). It is that distilled purity that affects me every time. 🙂

  2. @Asuka: Now that I think about it, that could also possibly be the reason why I find myself teary-eyed after watching the ED. It’s so happy and pure, it’s sad! 😛
    @0rion: lol!

    You just gave me an idea for a good alternative to buying figurines of Porings from Ragnarok Online… Edible “bootlegs” ftw!

  3. For my part, the ED is touching because, like Asuka mentioned, it’s incredibly pure. There’s the feel of the Ideal Family and familial love, and I always tear up when I think about how little of that is around in Real Life.

    (I’ve not watched the series at all, and if all the reports of how sad it’ll get are true, I probably never will. I prefer my anime happy and fun.)

  4. I was just thinking how sad this song was when I found and read this post. I don’t know why I get teary eyed when I hear it, and I cant help but get this sinking feeling. Such an oddly multi-level song!

  5. The ending sounds like childhood xylophone music, but gets more intense with every part. Its a growing deep feeling that raises until the end.

    The long CD-Version of this song is not such intense, because its to long 😉

  6. The dango family song is incredibly touching to me. I wonder what is in it that makes me want to break out in tears at such happiness. Is the chord progression? Is it the instruments? Is it the dangos’ closeness? Or is it the characters in the show? Maybe it’s all of those elements that make the song a whole. It fills up my heart with inexpressable joy.

  7. i totaly agree i am a male tennager who cries very little yet this whole series is so emotional it makes you just want to cry and wish the whole world would just get along like the Dango family.

  8. I am not a big fan of anime, but my husband is. He was fansubbing for Clannad when it first came out and he introduced me to this song. Even though I know nothing about the series it still does seem sad to me. I think it is more about nostalgia, having a close family who loves eachother so much. I love imagining this family who admits to its flaws but still loves one another deeply. It makes me miss close parental love. The sound of the song also kinda reminds me of an 80’s cartoon.

  9. dangos are dumplings.

    I find the song a bit irratating, but looking at the lyrics and what the song is talking about, it really has quite deep yet simple meaning. Not to mention that the video itself is super Kawaii!!!!

    I actually found the story not all that sad, the movie (condensed alternate re-telling) is much sadder. And if u guys want a really sad anime, then go watch AIR. If that doesn’t get you crying, then watch Grave of the Fireflies.

  10. LOL I love this song… i usualy don’t listen openings and endings but i this case i just cant resist… This song make me sad and happy at the same moment…

  11. I think it is sad because it is so happy.

    Everyone wishes that their family was like the big dango family, full of love and kindness; but our lives are not and our families are not. That, however; does not demean the desire for the ideal family, it is a great goal, and so not having it is sad.

    It’s a great song and a great show toov:)

  12. after having a really sad ending to each episode of the series, it cheers me up. i think its because the song reflects Nasiga’s way of things. But in the second series the after story, it brought so much sadness just hearing the song in reflection to her. it would have been even harder that her daughter was so much alike, and soon after her story ended too. the most touching, loving, story i have ever heard… its the reason i live to watch anime. I LOVE ANIME!!!!!
    its sad really, when you think about it, how someone could actually be living like this right now. i want to hug and hold onto them forever so they will always have someone. (-+^.^)-+
    its probably the reason i haven’t so love in so long too…
    i cant believe how scary life can be… just by living it.

  13. I love this song, even before the anime was aired, I heard it on the pilot trailer, and I was in love with it, it so simple and pure, and the meanings and feelings it carries are easy to understand, but as I reflect these ideals to the ones around me, I realise how little of the song is reflected in the reality around me.

  14. even though iam still young
    it touches me !
    i like the song very very much
    even i get pretty sad of it like most of the people
    i realy would like to have in on my mp3 anybody could tel me where to download it 🙁 ?
    and as i dont get on this site very often maybe mail me 🙂 ?

    i would realy love u guys 😀

  15. Yeah! I always have tears in my eyes whenever I listen to the Dango song, too! To me I think it’s maybe because of my childhood and when I was a toddler my favourite cartoons looked very much like that and in the sort of style of the Big Dango Family =D But yeah, this is also a sad Anime too, so maybe it’s because of that, also 🙂 xxxx

  16. Why does it seem like all this anime does is make me cry? I’m only on the 10th episode and I’ve already cried once(on account of Fuko, of course), and then I found amvs on YouTube and cried more.

    …And I just realized that I’ve been making dango with the Sculpey in my hand. =.=;;

  17. Clannad is the only anime to ever make me cry. I LOVE ANIME!!! But Clannad made me cry 4 times. I watched the end credits on almost every episode from the first season, just because they are the best credits I’ve ever seen on an anime. If Clannad made you cry comment on this site.

  18. I couldn’t believe how many other people actually found this to be so touching and tear jerking! Here I was, watching an anime out of a passing fancy on Netflix’s instant view and I was rather amused, but the moment that ending song played, I felt like I was punched in the gut. Perhaps it was the imagery of the growing dango family and the sweet, melodic, simple tune that grew (just like the family) in size and density. This is an amazingly potent couple of minutes and I feel like I could just listen to it over and over, sitting on my couch crying like a baby. Wonderful stuff.

  19. when i hear the song i think of Nagisa and Ushio….. it brings tears to my eyes this entire anime series left me as an emotional wreck.

  20. Eow, well, uhm..
    I don’t like Tomoya..
    but I like Nagisa Furukawa..
    and of course I really really like
    Dango Daikazoku.. >_<
    When I hear the song I think of the dango is really big family and kawaiiii…
    heheh.. =D

    ,,,I think na parang gusto kong sumali sa dango family eh. =)

  21. @All: Thanks for the ongoing comments. Love reading you guys’ thoughts on this ending theme. 😛 Still such a sad song to me. Nice to see this is getting more popular than my Makoto-From-School-Days-hate-post. xD

  22. i love watching clannad…..plus i always look forward to the big dango family song(: sayanara

  23. I haven’t watched anime in a while, but Clannad randomly appeared on my Netflix Watch Instantly page, and now I can’t stop watching it. It’s cute and funny and sad and serious all at the same time.

  24. I love Clannad and randomly drew pics of the big dango family cuz they are all just sooo cute. I just started watching Clannad, off my wii, but i love it. Just finished episode ten in the first volume

  25. I never tasted dango so far but I will if I get the chance. Just finished episode 1 – 24, it’s really good. Reminded me a lot of PS2 game “Persona 3 and 4” just without demons.

  26. @CL912| OMG same exact thing with me its on my netflix and I can’t stop watching it either! And yes, it is sad, hilarious, dramatic, fun, cute and serious all at the same time!

  27. I love the dango ^^ i acctually have a tattoo of them on my ankle =3 im the biggest fannn ever ^^

  28. What do the words actually mean by chance? I tried Google Translate and it wouldn’t even translate anything. Anyone know? I watched this show for the first time and when the ending song came on, my 9 months old son just started smiling really big and laughing! Sometimes I even rewind it back just so he can hear it again and I can see the huge smile 🙂

  29. Found it!
    Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
    The naughty fried dango, the kind red bean dango
    The Mid-Autumn Festival dango that tends to dream a little
    The prim sesame dango, the four dango on a skewer
    Everyone, everyone comes together and it’s a family of 100s
    The baby dango is always within happiness
    The aged dango has its eyes narrowed
    The chummy dango hold their hands together and make a big, round ring
    They build a town on the dango planet and everyone laughs together
    The rabbit is trying to wave in the sky; the huge moon
    Is rounding up everything, happy things and sad things, too

    Source: http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=3212

  30. I love the Big Dango family 😀 I made a whole family of Dango’s and so far i got a A for making them and the teacher thinks they are ever so cute! Lol i am a guy btw and yes ik i am a nerd hahaha but still this is awesome i love the Dango family 🙂

  31. @Ross: Nothing wrong for a guy to like cute stuff, like a girl being able to like badass manly things. 😛

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