Fuko reminds me alot of Ayu in many ways, although she seems to be bit too childish for a high schooler, don’t you think? Not that it’s a bad thing – I absolutely LOVE the “Doriburu… SHUUTO! YAY! *high five* *Hurt hand* *;___; Not hurt” -thing going for her. Moé? Check. But she seems to lack a lot around the, well… mental area for her own good.

Oh my god, I sense more down syndrome.

Runner-up-boy gets some major abuse this episode.

I don’t think he would.

Hopefully, that blow did the trick. 😛

Youhei Sunohara – A slightly exaggerated example of what would happen if you ask a girl for a razor blade… Yeah.

So far, Nagisa seems to be your typical (or not-so-typical, maybe… We all know something weird’s a brewin’ in the background) sickly character who has trouble getting along with people ever since all the people she knew graduated. But I guess it’s easy to tell that she’s strong in the inside (a fairly common “potential” in a physically weak character, if you will), and I bet we all believe Tomoya will give her the right push… if you will.

Uh… We believe you?

That’s it, I declare Akio Furukawa the most epic win in this series. Seems that some of the characters in anime, which in my opinion are some of the coolest, seem to all be dads.

Power to the dads…?

I smell a barbeque this Thursday… LOL

Ugh, student councils and their mandatory fees… amirite?

I guess they forgot to approach them first before they decided to start reviving the Theater Club, seems that Nagisa’s in a pretty sticky situation right now. Oh wait, don’t most Japanese schools require a certain amount of members in order for a club to become, well, official? Maybe that’s the reason… 頑張れ, 古河 渚!

Oh, how I hate cliffhangers! I just hope that Nagisa learns that motivation and knowledge of a Big Dango Family (^^;) isn’t enough to be the president of an acting club.

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